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The bedroom is where actually most people spend almost a third of their lives. This is not the only reason why bedroom lighting and furnishing are gaining importance. Inside the bedroom, relaxation and recreation should be in the foreground. Dimmable lighting fixtures are a helpful resource for creating a cozy atmosphere. But even for everyday tasks, such as choosing clothes from the wardrobe, the bedroom must provide a good illumination level.

A well-chosen combination of ceiling light fixtures and wall sconces, selected table and floor lamps, all depending on the room size, will meet those requirements best. A good general lighting can be achieved with recessed ceiling spotlights or any other ceiling light. With supplementary light sources near the bed, relaxing evening hours right in the bed are no obstacle any more. Low-voltage halogen lamps with 20W power range or energy saving lamps with directional light are recommendable reading lights.

Bedroom lighting - morning light and twilight

In the bedroom, the psychological effect of light is particularly evident. A muted warm and indirect lighting in the evening promotes to fall asleep, a rather cold light in the morning helps to find the rhythm. Here you should attach much importance to the light. Ceiling and pendant lights are popular possibilities to establish a certain mood. Wall lamps can be used to accentuate individual areas.

Bedside lamps are a decorative design element and provide light for a bedtime story. Catellani & Smith, Luceplan, Modoluce or Artemide offers bedside lamps for all tastes. As everywhere in the house you should draw the LED technology into consideration.

Special RGB LEDs can light up the bedroom with color and so create wonderful effect. Lighting Deluxe offers a wide range of bedroom lights. Design classics, minimalist lighting or exciting design objects. In the current Light Journal we offer you advise and suggestions around the themes: LED lighting, table lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps and much more.

A particularly magical atmosphere is unfolded by the Swarovski lamps Anima, Desire and Relax. Its numerous LEDs mimic the night sky. Swarovski gives everyone the chance to spend the night beneath a clear sky, even if it’s cloudy outside. Through various light colors or color temperatures, you have a completely free hand over the desired mood.

The Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen enriches each bedroom with its PH lamps that are originally designed for hotel rooms. In the development process, special emphasis was placed on a direct but nonetheless pleasant lighting atmosphere, in order to enhance a perfect experience for the guest. These lights are ideal for use in the bedroom and due to its timeless design, an eye-catcher in any home.

Floor lamps are quite flexible, especially with regard to the position in the room. They can be put closer to the bed and used as a reading light when needed.
When used as a dressing room, the bedroom also needs an area that is best illuminated by a neutral light, but only when it is necessary. Here it is useful to have a diffuse or indirect lighting low to avoid disturbing shadows.

Even a light in the closet can be considered. LightingDeluxe advises about this in the Light Journal. You will find more information about the topic light in there. For example, how LED bulbs help the environment while saving money at the same time. LightingDeluxe puts great emphasis on sustainability. Especially the low-emission production of LED lamps and high energy efficiency make it more and more popular, for professionals, as well as the private sector.