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Lighting chandeliers are one of the most ornate design lamps for interior lighting. The origin of chandelier lighting dates back to the time before Christ. Many centuries later, during the 17th century, chandeliers received their well-known classical form and gave extra shine to castles and palaces.

Today, chandelier lighting is still among the most popular living room lighting ideas. Creating an even more sophisticated atmosphere, the multi-faceted design of contemporary chandeliers exceeds all expectations. Italian chandelier lighting manufacturers belong to the leaders of that lighting industry as they skillfully combine tradition and modernity.

Our customers who wish to take advantage of our chandelier lighting particularly like crystal chandeliers because they can accommodate any elegant design mode. For the chic and stylish urban set our modern chandeliers have a cool, sharp beauty with some surprising twists, whereas the splendour of our traditional chandelier models will grace the entrance room or dining room of any country house, but whichever style you wish to create or accommodate, our crystal chandeliers are certain to be a talking point for any guest who enters your home.

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Chandeliers and Candelabrums – the Classics among Pendant Lights

Classic chandeliers or pendant candelabrums dominate every room, they please with their opulent use of high quality material and have a unique effect on the observer. And classic does not mean old-fashioned: LightingDeluxe offers a great variety of modern chandeliers, which are contemporarily interpreted and appeal to an entirely different clientele than traditional design chandeliers do.

Modern LED technology has long entered the classic field of timeless chandeliers. LED chandeliers combine innovative technology with high quality crystal and materials like brass, silver and gold, and are not unusual anymore. Noble metals are not the only materials, which well-known manufacturers like Kolarz, Masiero and Luceplan use. Wooden chandeliers, chandeliers in country house style or colourful chandeliers are also available at LightingDeluxe.

Classic crystal chandeliers look best in rooms with a high ceiling. There, they can realise their full opulent potential. No matter if living room or dining room – traditional or modern chandeliers enrich every surrounding. You can find tips and inspiration about chandeliers and pendant lights in the Lighting Journal.

Modern Chandeliers can act as contrast or blend harmoniously into the interior design. Innovative materials and their unusual design have little in common with their classical counterparts. They look young and fresh, but also convince by quality. The experimentation of young designers knows no boundries. Innovative concepts are not restricted by the design. In the field of lighting technology, they go their own way. Thus LED technology is becoming increasingly popular in this area.

Particularly Italian manufacturers are aware of their heritage, which is characterized by high-quality crystal work around Venice. On the island of Murano can be found artisans with experience who pass on their knowledge to the designers of the Italian company. High-quality materials and meticulous production are natural for the artisans with heart and soul.

Chandelier can be hung over dining tables. Normally they should act as a focal point in the entrance area. Through high-quality crystals their light appear particularly brilliant. You can give rooms character and spend atmospheric light. It does not matter whether it is a classic crystal chandelier or a modern chandelier. 

Lighting Deluxe offers a wide selection and advises you in terms of a professional lighting design. You benefit from our years of experience and our wide range that meets the highest demands.