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Floor Lighting

Floor lamps are portable lights whose varieties of application are perfect for floor lighting. Whether in the living room, bedroom or kid’s room, those floor lighting fixtures will provide extra light in various illumination levels and with special lighting effects.

The focus of the light is dependent on the lamps' construction and design. While some floor lighting shades and reflectors reflect the light downward, others such as uplight floor lamps will provide ambient indirect lighting. Floor lighting varies in styles and designs, so that customers may become a lighting designer for their homes.

In our floor lighting range we are particularly proud of our selection of reading lamps which we took great care when selecting. People can be very particular when it comes to light levels for reading, and will often demand flexibility, directability and portability from their reading lamps, then there is the question of whether you desire ambience or a spotlight, dimmer switches, a modern or traditional feel – well, we are sure you will have your own ideas. We are confident that our selection of reading lamps, indeed all our floor lighting models, will match those ideas hand-in-glove.

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Floor Lights and Floor Lamps – Flexible All-Rounders

There are many forms of the classic design floor lamp. Every kind serves a particular purpose. Torchieres, for instance, emit their light upwards via the ceiling to the room, creating an especially pleasant atmosphere. Arc lamps on the other hand, are true statement lights that can dominate a room. Reading lights illuminate dark corners for book lovers, as the name suggests. Floor lamps in a narrow sense do not have the typical characteristics of floor lamps in general, like a longish structure or an eye-catching base plate.

From classic design floor lights to extravagant and modern floor lamps: LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of different products. Many established manufacturers stay up-to-date and add modern LED technology to their lamps. This accounts for lights with purist-Scandinavian design, like the ones by Louis Poulsen, Le Klint or Design House Stockholm, as well as for modern designs by Flos, Artemide or Catellani & Smith.

One special property of floor lights is their flexibility. They often have rotatable and pivoting light heads, and you can change their position within the room easily. This is one huge advantage over permanently installed ceiling-, wall- or pendant lights. Floor lights can be adapted effortlessly to changes in the living situation. The light that illuminated the living room yesterday can be found in the hallway today and in the kitchen or bedroom tomorrow.


Technical Floor Lights – Form Follows Function

With this light type, the focus is on functionality. Especially when it comes to office lights, they have to meet certain lighting expectations to make fatigue-proof working possible. Research has shown that light strongly influences the mood in the office and, as a consequence, the productivity. Bright and rather cold light has a positive effect on attention. LED floor lights meet this requirement and saves energy at the same time. That is an important fact when it comes to continuous office illumination.

Developing technical lights is a great challenge, as the focus is on functionality. The appearance depends highly on the functions – much more than with decorative design lamps. Aesthetic characteristics are not unimportant, but they must not influence the performance. The German manufacturer Nimbus is great at balancing these factors. Also, Italian traditional manufacturer Artemide with its brand Artemide Architectural belongs to the market leaders in this area. Companies like Basis or Marset also offer high quality technical floor lights. LightingDeluxe offers these manufacturers and many more modern and classic floor lights. Find inspiration and recent trends in our Lighting Journal.