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Kids Room

For children and kids at all age their own room is not only the place to sleep, but also the venue for cheerful playing, intense learning, relaxing and the place to feel home. Therefore, every single part of the kids room should be equipped with various lamps to fulfill daily tasks at good lighting. The different light areas should then be offering the best illumination possible.

Colorful lighting fixtures, table lamps with creative designs and decorative ceiling lights and wall lamps are hitting the hearts of children and young adults ever since. Therefore, children's wishes in color, function and design play an important role for the selection of lights. Kids room lighting ideas include ceiling lights, bedside lights and wall lights.

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Children’s room – learn and play

The children's room presents a special challenge. Children grow quickly and tastes change. The imaginative lamps made by Ingo Maurer will meet the taste certainly at any age. If you place value on natural materials, the high-quality wooden lamps of LZF will inspire you.

Just like in the bedroom you have to observe the psychological effect of light in the children’s room. Bright, cool light is invigorating, which can be vital especially for a morning on the way to school. In the evening we recommend to a subdued mood lighting that contributes to relaxation. Here you can specifically interact with LED lights with RGB function. A colorful light is always a source of excitement and joy for every child.

But not only living is important, also work and study. Care must be taken on a good adaptability of the desk lights so that the light can grow with the child. Manufacturers like Pablo, with multifunction lamps and Rotaliana, with the typical, colorful lights and shades are recommendable.

The robustness plays an important role in childrens bedroom lighting. Especially with the little ones, like to know things tactilely. Thanks to this feature of children LED illumination is particularly attached. Through minimal heat emission, the risk of burns is reduced, which may optionally be with conventional incandescent quite. It implements only a small part of its energy into light, the largest part is dissipated as heat into the environment. Bulbs get hot accordingly. LEDs have, however, depending on the color, a very small infrared, that means heat content.

With the right lighting, it is even possible to spend the night even in the worst weather under the clear sky. The well-known company Swarovski, which became known for its fine crystal works, gives you this unique opportunity with the series Anima, Desire and Relax. These recessed spotlights are installed in the ceiling and work through multi-faceted crystals as small, twinkling stars. A special experience - not only for the little ones, because even in the parents' room is the starry sky is a real eye-catcher.

Particularly imaginative lighting developes the Danish manufacturer Le Klint. The UnderCover series, available in acrylic or glass, can be combined with many decorative lampshades. Including different colors and various child-friendly designs, such as mythical creatures or flowers. But also something very special: a Drawing Kit. This means that children can perpetuate their own motives to their own personal lamp. The creativity here doesn’t really have any limits. And when a subject is sometimes boring, the decorative screen can be easily replaced