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Living Room

The living room is characterized by its most diverse use. To meet the different moods and demands required a flexible living room lighting is essential. Having just one centrally located ceiling light fails meeting that claim.

For the ambiance of a room, light plays a crucial role. A well-chosen lighting and a high visual comfort create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Spaces like a lounge area with sofa and TV around, is often the most liked meeting place in living rooms. In those places it is not only about general lighting, but also about task and ambient lighting to fulfill personal needs. Dimmable room light being supported by supplementary light sources with soft and indirect light is a always a good start for reconsidering the living room lighting.

Living room lighting - dipped in light to well-being

As the center of the home, as a place of social interaction and the environment for relaxation and tranquility, a pleasant and atmospheric lighting is especially important in the living area. This room also acts representative - for the whole apartment and their owners. You can play here with specific zoning and emphases. Wall lamps can brighten images, pendant lamps donate diffused light. The living area is also perfect to show courage: manufacturers like Ingo Maurer or Moooi promise particularly unusual creations, whether hanging lamp, ceiling or floor lamp.

Bookcases can be enriched with table lamps. Floor lamps are design objects and light sources alike. Lighting Deluxe allows a wide selection of iconic design classics, innovative creations of young designers and imaginative lighting concept.

With increasing environmental responsibility the LED technolgy gets more and more attractive. They offer high energy efficiency and a tremendous life. Many well-known manufacturers such as Artemide, Modoluce, Marset or LZF offer these lights reinforced.

LightingDeluxe attaches great importance to sustainability. Because of the low-emission production and long durability, we recommend LED lamps above all. Thanks to continuous innovations in this area, LED lights almost perfectly emulate the warm light that you expect from traditional light sources.

The living room often has a dining table, which can be illuminated with special dining table lamps. According to the various sizes and shapes of a table, many different dining table pendant luminaires are available. For round dining tables you should choose circular pendant lamps, and for longish or extendable dining tables elongated lights are appropriate. Also with regard to shape and material, LightingDeluxe offers an extensive choice.

The zoning plays a special role in the living room, so, the dining area has very special requirements. Above the coffee table, modest pendant lamps, which are ideally adjustable in height, are the better choice. The cabinet can be indirectly illuminated or equipped with table lamps. Thus, the interest of visitors is directed specifically to certain areas of the living room.

For the home theater experience, the dimming of the lights is important. A completely dark space is tiring for the eyes, and a completely illumined room disturbs the cinema experience. A continuous dimmer is the ideal solution. It should be noted that not all lamps, such as LEDs, can be dimmed. LightingDeluxe advises you to this topic.

It also is worth to have a look at our Light Journal. Here you will find valuable advice and suggestions from the world of lighting. Whether you prefer the latest trends or timeless classics, in the Light Journal and of course in the online offer every taste is served. Let yourself be inspired!