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Table Lighting

Table lamps are evidently the basis for table lighting. Since such lights predominantly send light downward and sideways by their shades and reflectors, they are often used for working at desks or as reading lights inside living rooms, bedrooms or kids rooms. Light sources for table lighting range from incandescent and halogen bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps including LED lights.

Their flexible use makes this type of table lighting an ideal companion in the workplace. Furthermore, design table lamps might be an accessory for the interior of other residential areas. The distributed room light is thereby influenced by the fascinating designs in terms of table lighting.

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Table Lamps and Table Lights - Decorative and Functional

Table lamps always have a functional character, next to the decorative use. This is particularly evident in desk lamps, which usually have a typical design language. Whether adjustable or not – primarily they are illuminant, while still being a design object. This is different when it comes to bedside lamps: they should create a pleasant and dim atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, the design is utterly different compared to desk lights. You can get Scandinavian understatement with companies such as Design House Stockholm, Le Klint or Louis Poulsen or innovative Italian design with Luceplan, Modoluce, Artemide or Catellani & Smith. Table lamps are available from classic to modern, and they fit anywhere - from sideboard to windowsill.

A special variety of table lights are high table lamps, which can easily be used as floor lights, thanks to their size. LightingDeluxe offers a wide range from timeless classic table lamps to innovative drafts of young designers. Whether living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen or even in the children’s room – there are table lamps for every area.

LED table lamps are more popular than ever, and manufacturers prepare for that: they offer an expanding range of modern LED technology. The advantages are obvious: high energy efficiency and long durability. Latest technology is often combined with timeless designs and classic materials such as brass or copper.


Technical Table Lamps - Efficient and Functional

Whether for architects, graphic designers or accountants – a bright, fatigue-free lighting is important for every workplace. The table lamp is one of the most important factors, for it is a personal light. Therefore many modern table lamps convince with excellent adaptability – as for height, as well as the position of the lamp head. Focused bright light is particularly important, as research shows a correlation between lighting and concentration and hence productivity.

Especially when it comes to everyday work, energy-efficient illuminants pay off. That is the reason why renowned manufacturers of technical lighting, as Basis, Artemide Architectural or Nimbus rely on LED table lamps. These manufacturers prove that aesthetics does not have to fall victim to the functionality; they create modest but appealing designs. LightingDeluxe provides a lot of inspiration and information about LEDs, as well as the latest trends and innovations for table lamps in the Lighting Journal.