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Wall sconces

Wall lights, installed in the office, in living rooms or in the hallway, create a homely atmosphere. To be switched separately from the rest of the lighting, wall sconces can be part of the general lighting or of the accent lighting of homes. In addition, wall sconces are suitable for work lighting.

Wall sconces are usually offered in the same design as ceiling or pendant lights. The quality of lighting of the indoor wall lights depends not only on the selected light source but also on the particular environment of the wall sconces including wall panels and colors. Incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps, low voltage halogen light bulbs, energy saving lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and three-band fluorescent lamps might be used as light sources in wall sconces.

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Wall Lamps and Wall Sconces - Giving structure and atmosphere

Wall lamps are perfect to add structure within rooms and to accent certain areas. This is particularly evident with picture lights that purposefully enlighten paintings or pictures. But even in the bathroom modern sconces can be mounted: mirror lights brighten the face when shaving or applying make-up. Reading lights support while browsing through books. Uplight wall lights help to give a pleasant atmosphere using indirect light. A spot light can accent certain areas. The functional character of a wall light cannot be denied. Lighting Deluxe offers a wide range of design classics, modern wall lights, and unusual pieces.

There are traditional wall lights, which are turned on and off with a regular switch. Lamps with integrated switches are also available. Light variants with plug supply are particularly flexible, since they can be installed without a wall recess or other particular circumstances.

Another function of wall lights is to grant orientation, especially in the stairway and hallway. Up- and downlights are particularly suitable, as they emit their light directly. A special variation of the wall sconce are the ones with lens systems, as they are offered by Toplight or Punto Zero. They scatter or focus the light and provide beautiful and extraordinary light effects.

Manufacturers such as Artemide, Luceplan or Catellani & Smith are increasingly using current LED technology. LED lights are considered most economical and durable, but can still be used for excellent lighting effects.


Technical Wall Lamps - Functional Lighting Concepts

Especially in the hallway as well as in the stairwell, where a quick orientation is necessary, technical wall lights are used. They blend in discreetly within the architecture and illuminate reliably. Whether in the office or in the home office – modern or classic wall lights complete every lighting concept for working areas, which allow relaxed and fatigue-free working. Well-known manufacturers, such as the German companies Nimbus and Basis are true masters at creating highly functional luminaires that meet the highest aesthetic standards at the same time.

Especially popular in the professional field are LED wall lamps, which are characterized by excellent efficiency and economic properties. In the current Lighting Journal you can find information about LEDs and many other inspirations.