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LED Floor lamps and LED Floor lights – mobile and energy saving

Designer floor lamps are continually innovated - especially in the light-technical level. Many well-known manufacturers equip their lamps with modern LEDs. Whether Louis Poulsen, Flos, Artemide or Catellani & Smith.

LEDs - the abbreviation stands for light emitting diodes - are electronic semiconductor devices, that emit when an electrical voltage light. LEDs are operated at low voltage and a corresponding performance designed operating unit. Usually, a plurality of diodes form a module, also known as boards. LEDs are not dimmable in any way.

As the lamp illuminates an area depends on design and style. Umbrellas and reflectors in arc lamps direct the light predominantly downwards. Uplights are particularly suitable for the indirect lighting and many models are also available with an additional reading light. Your reading corner you can brighten even directly with a great reading light. Beautiful design highlights are often the Tripot floor lamps which - as the name suggests - are on three feet, rather than a single massive base. In the most varied styles and designs available, you can become a your own lighting designer in the desired space with a floor lamp.

Lichtkultur offers a wide range of LED lights. This is not limited to modern designs, classic LED Floor Lamps and LED floor lights in  country house style are equipped with LEDs, too.

Technical LED floor lamps – functional and efficient

With this LED floor lamp, the function will become the focus. Especially office lights must meet certain requirements, that a fatigue-free work is possible. Studies have shown that especially in the office, the light mood affects the mood and productivity. LED floor lamps are favorable in a continuous illumination, as is common in the workplace, because they have good economic characteristics.

Design and aesthetics have to go hand in hand, especially in technical LED lighting. Particularly successful with this is the German manufacturer Nimbus. Meanwhile, the Office Air floor lamp with LED bulb combines functionality with a professional design. The Italian manufacturer Artemide Architectural is part in this area of the market leaders. Its Chocolate LED floor lamp convinces with clear lines and high-quality workmanship.

Also the Italian manufacturer Artemide Architectural is part of the market leaders in this area. Manufacturers such as Basis or Marset offer quality technical LED Floor Lamps. LightingDeluxe offers these manufacturers and many other modern and classical LED floor lamps. Information on LED lighting and can be found in our Light Journal.