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LED Pendant lights und LED suspension lamps – Energy saving eye catcher

As LED pendant lights or LED suspension lamps are called suspended ceiling lights where an appropriate ceiling height is given. The advantage over a ceiling lamp is a selectable suspension height. With rather low lights of the living room can be accentuated and structured targeted. LightingDeluxe offers a top selection of modern LED suspension lights and classic LED Pendant Lights.

The times in which LEDs only have a faint, bluish glare light are gone, thanks to further development of the industry. Meanwhile diodes with warm color temperatures are available, which the incandescent and halogen lamp light can be replaced approximately in the same way. Especially the manufacturer DeltaLight convinces with new technologies: The new Softdim LEDs by the Belgian manufacturer, the bulbs are now warmer in the light color while dimming. So the pleasant atmosphere is created which is desired during dimming.

Also decorative LED lamps are increasingly popular. That is not surprising because the modern technology is convincing by energy efficiency and durability.

LED Table light are available, matching to the dining table in different shapes and sizes. Many LED pendant lights are height-adjustable. Anyone looking for something classic and elegant, will find this for example in the Tolenno light by Basis. Fancier models provide Knikerboker with the A Tempo Perso, which is a real eye-catcher on the dining table. Many LED pendant lights are adjustable in height, some can be adjusted in length, which is especially handy when you have an extending table.

More about the topic LED and many more suggestions you can find in the Light Journal by LightingDeluxe.


Technical LED pendant lights - efficient lighting for each workplace

LED pendant lights for technical applications convince due to its versatility. They create good working conditions and are complemented by the latest LED technology perfectly. Especially in the professional sector energy efficiency and durability are important requirements. Exactly these are fullfilled by LED lights. According to researches, the light mood affects the working atmosphere and thus productivity. These advantages make LED suspension lamps to the ideal Workplace lights.
LightingDeluxe offers with Basis, Nimbus and Artemide Architectural renowned manufacturer of high quality LED pendant lights for office and home office. Technical LED pendant lights for the workplace are usually characterized by its function, which is centric. That does not mean that aesthetic standards are unimportant - rather especially the Italian manufacturer Artemide creates the connection effortless.

A classic technical hanging lamp is for example the Tieso Tender by Anta or the Piani Lungo by K.B. Form. Even in the professional field lights are attached, which are not purely technical, but work as a statement. Lights such as the Raimond Dome by Moooi or the Pirce by Artemide are good examples: they are an eye-catcher through inspired design, and yet never act misplaced.