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LED Lighting – efficient lighting design

LEDs are light-emitting diodes - that means semiconductors - which generate light by electroluminescence. They give off directional light in the colors red, green, yellow or blue. White light is produced here by blue LEDs, which are coated with a yellow phosphor layer. This characteristic also allows the wide range of color temperatures from warm white 2700K to cold white 6500K.

LED lights are far more energy efficient than conventional incandescent or halogen lamps. They also have a particularly long service life. They lighten, unlike some energy-saving lamps, without delay. The infrared portion of the light diodes is very low. This leads to an equally low heat radiation. LED lamps therefore are ideal to illuminate temperature-sensitive objects, or for use in the nursery.

Thanks to the ultra flat design of LED are available exclusive designs that seemed unthinkable before. This proves, for example, the LED hanging lamp Copernico by the Italian manufacturer Artemide. Due to the flexible use of modern technologies, completely new design approaches are possible. Especially the Italian manufacturers as Modoluce, Luceplan or Masiero recognize the opportunities offered by LEDs particularly on the design level. Also the German manufacturer Nimbus knows about minimalist designs, which are made possible thanks to the fine construction of LEDs.

A room can be  illuminated with LED ceiling lights discreetly. These protrude less into the room as pendant lamps and are also suitable for low ceilings. Rounding can be effectively zoning a lighting concept with the help of LED wall lamps which provide indirect atmosphere, or by direct illumination.

The high energy efficiency and low maintenance are mainly in the technical area to bear. Especially in a bright office, reliable and above all economical illumination is important. In return, technical LED pendant lamps or LED table lamps are particularly well suited. offers a variety of high-quality technical LED lamps from renowned manufacturers such as Artemide Architectural, TAL or Deltalight.

Deltalight convinces by exquisite lighting properties. The drawback of LED was that the typical behavior, the show halogen lights dimming, could not be imitated. With the innovative soft-Dim technology makes  it possible the first time to simulate the warmer expectant mood lighting.

But not only in the professional and commercial sectors are shown the advantages. Especially in the garden or terrace, as paths and orientation light, play LED lamps from its advantages. In outside areas energy efficiency is particularly important due to long operation. Manufacturers like Modoluce or Vondom meet this demand with its light furnishings and floor lamps LED.

The versatile application possibilities and excellent energy values, LED lights are becoming more and more popular. informes with its light journal about the topic LED lighting and provides inspiration, as well as the current lighting trends.