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Alt Lucialternative

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Alt Lucialternative - Italian glass crafts

Murano glass is the symbol of Italian craftsmanship. The distinctive work of the Venetian island  Murano has a firm place in the designs of Alt Lucialternative.

Venice has always been known for artful glass crafts. In the 13th century all the furnaces were moved to the island of Murano in the north west of Venice. Officially for fire protection reasons. Unofficially, the rulers of Venice promised them confidentiality developed over years techniques that were in demand all over Europe. Glassblowers from Murano were forbidden under pain of incurring substantial penalties a disclosure of their secrets.

The glass developed in the 15th century the main source of income of the Venetian population. Today usually only still lives attest to the artistic glass products of the Renaissance. However, the style and the unparalleled quality live on in the high quality lights of Alt Lucialternative.

Since the 19th century, there are many official schools that teach the glassmaking. Italy seeks to preserve the important cultural heritage. To this end, a number of foundations, studios and museums have been established devoted entirely to the issue of Murano glass.

The millennial history of making Murano glass is documented with mirrors, vases and vessels in the Museo del Vetro. A specially archive serves the preservation of historical designs and artistic works from the Renaissance and Art Nouveau.

The Alba PL ceiling light impresses with particularly refined and colorful glasswork. The Amarcord ceiling light and the Mikos S pendant light show why Murano glass is internationally popular.

Alt Lucialternative not only offers classic hand-blown craftsmanship, but also new and exciting designs. The Infinity hanging lamp or the Regency S pendant lamp convince with contemporary design idiom and high-quality materials. Dynamic design and modern lighting technology make Alt Lucialternative popular with a young clientele, too.

Today Alt Lucialternative belongs to the Leucos Group which produces and sells the popular glass lamps. Also Leucos is an Italian manufacturer with a long tradition. Alt Lucialternative fits perfectly into the exquisite offer of this company founded in 1962, which is known mainly for lighting of high quality glass. The Murano tradition for both manufacturers face is maintained and further developed. The collaboration resulted in many timeless designs that are characterized by high quality of materials and workmanship.
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