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Anta - The light manufactory

Anta manufactures lamps in a convincing quality since more than 40 years. As lighting manufacturer every piece with love comes to detail. This applies to the production as well as for the design process. Selected, high quality materials support the functional design language.

Light passes, sets accents and guides. And it takes design, not only in the type of light, brightening the room, and the carrier, the light, needs design. Anta sees itself perfectly on combining consummate light design and perfect lighting design. The German manufacturer convinces the ideas of designers, not their names.

Lights must be designed versatile. They allow the designers to play with the forms. And Anta supports them. This creates the distinctive designs that make Anta internationally successful. The outstanding reputation as a light workshop is due to the high demands on themselves with care and make uncompromising and finished the employee innovative lighting - "Made in Germany".

By designing light is the means of communication. It arouses emotions and affects mood. It can give a spatial structure and so dominate the home. More important is the conscience, the designers by Anta are showing . The lighting effect is to them just as important as the design of the lights. This can be felt at every Anta light. The way how to work with high-quality materials, such surfaces are treated and how it all results in a harmonious whole - Anta creates uniqueness.

This is good light is the highest claim. Anta manufactures lamps that stand out by light technical finesse. As a pioneer in the field of LED lights, they can look back on many years of experience in terms of LEDs and their practical application. Through excellent energy characteristics and a long life LED meet the high standards. That’s it, what provides Anta to its lights.

Modern design and clear structures shape the Lee reading light that pleases also by high-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing in Germany. As  Anta is a manufacturer, great emphasis is placed on crafts.

The quality seal "Made in Germany" is understood in Anta as a commitment to the customer and its demands. With the Nil pendant light, this is achieved with ease. It is available as LED pendant lamp, which is also a clientele satisfy that sets particularly high value on sustainability.

LightinDeluxe offers an Anta portfolio, which is not limited to functional lighting. The Drop pendant light demonstrates that Anta also stands for  unusual lights that fell through unusual ideas. This page from the German manufacturer also makes the Lu 30 table lamp significantly. The innovative Zac table lamp on the other hand knows how to combine both aspects perfectly.