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Artemide is a global player headquartered in Pregnana, close to Milan in Italy. This company stands for an extraordinary design and for a high technical demand. Artemides’ philosophy “The Human Light” was already introduced in the 1090s. This philosophy focuses on the needs of people in relation to the light and the understanding of different needs in different living situations.

Thereby, Artemide reflects the spirit of time in a way that numerous lights were rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award. Good examples of this are the Melampo Series(2001), the Logico (2002), the Talak (2006), the Mercury chandelier (2008), the Pirce Pendant light (2009) and the Cosmic Leaf (2010).

Artemide - Iconic italian design

The company's own research is the cornerstone of the continued success of Artemide. The research and experimenting with light, the scientific study of the scattering behavior, but also the psychological component that makes up light - all of which will be explored in the innovation center near the production facilities. With various branches, which are specialized in lighting technology or materials research - here ideas are brought to production.

Particular attention is paid to the modern LED technology for several years. These light-emitting semiconductor elements impress with their extremely fine construction that also allows fine structures and thus innovation in the field of product design. LEDs emit only a very small part of their light as heat radiation. They are therefore suitable for temperature-critical luminaires. They are energy efficient, durable and therefore practically maintenance-free. They offer the advantage that they are instantaneously towards some energy-saving lamps light.

Thanks to continuous innovations, trained personnel, respect for materials and the environment and of course thanks to exclusive designs, Artemide is one of the leading brands in the field of design luminaires. offers a wide selection of lamps by the loved Italian tradition manufacturer. In our Light Journal you will find inspiration and information about the topic Artemide and light in general.

As one of the most popular and best-known manufacturers of luminaires worldwide, the Italian manufacturer Artemide has kept their flawless reputation through hard work since the foundation in 1960. With timeless drafts of original lights, the designers of the company shaped the international industry sustainably. Icons like Norman Foster and Karim Rashid give a face to Artemide and brought awards such as the Compasso d'Oro and the Red Dot Design Award.

The most popular design of the company comes from Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina: It is the iconic table lamp Tolomeo Tavolo. The Tolomeo series also includes wall lights, hanging lamps, floor lamps and other types, all of which appeal with their distinctive design. With their minimalist and functional design, they remain timeless in the best sense.

The Tizio table lamp from 1972, in the style by Richard Sapper, is even part of the exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art. Its appearance was extremely innovative and it continues to be an icon of high-tech designs of the 1980s thanks to its unique design.

Tizios special low voltage illuminant was highly innovative at that time and Artemide continues to symbolise innovation in the technical area. The current iteration of the Tizio series, as well as many other lamps series, is supplied with LED technology optionally. This corresponds with the company's philosophy, which is deep seated in sustainability. Prove of that are lights from the In-Ei series, which is manufactured from recycled PET plastic, or the increasing use of glass.

The Italian manufacturer also stands for unconventional designs, such as the Pirce, the Cosmic Angel or Mercury. Whether modern suspension lights, fancy floor lamps or functional table lights – Artemide has always delivered quality and exclusive designer lamps.