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Axo Light

Axo Light - Timeless Italian design

The story of Axo Light begins near Venice, like that of many Italian lighting manufacturers. The lagoon city can look back on a centuries-long tradition of finest glassblowing art. This makes it to the center of Italian craftsmanship and therefore particularly popular for luminaire manufacturers with superior demands.

In Italy, which is known for high-quality designs and numerous iconic designs, it is particularly difficult for a young company to attract attention by innovative concepts. Axo Light lamps succeeds nonetheless playing.

The designers who work under the Italian manufacturer, combine modern design with classic-quality materials. They combine the Italian passion for design with an international focus. The various product lines serve the professional as the private sector. The designer lamps by Axo act just as impressive as in a modern home in a classic interior.

This is particularly evident in the Spillray pendant light. Its structure is reminiscent of a classic chandelier. The simple glass shades are modern in their design language. These two poles find harmony. A reinterpretation of the traditional chandelier is created. Thanks to clear glass shades in different colors, the light is particularly pleasant released into the room. Traditional currents of finest glass, which is reminiscent of the high-quality work of the world-famous island of Murano, right up to the subject of the chandelier are combined to perfection with contemporary designs.

With the Clavius series the ​​Group designs a modern classic, which precipitated by high quality materials and understated design language. The diffuser made of silk threads seems to be slight and emits the light in a particularly pleasant way. The design is by Manuel Vivian.

He is also responsible for the design of the Nelly series. The reduced design is also here contrasted with exciting materials that give it an organic appearance. Perfect for the modern home. Elegant design with wonderful lighting effects, which ensures a pleasant living atmosphere.

The Bell pendant light impresses with its high quality pleated fabric which gives the really inconspicuous lampshade that certain something. Classic set pieces like pleated fabric are combined here with modern forms. The Bell draws its particular tension. This courage to eclectic influences is the Axo Light accounts. Even in the Light Journal of LightingDeluxe, are many suggestions and even unusual designs, to which we want to draw your attention.

However, not only in form and material is the Italian manufacturer setting standards. Also in technical terms are Axo Light lamps innovative. LED technology is efficient and complies with the sustainable philosophy that characterizes this company. LightingDeluxe offers a wide selection by the Italian manufacturer.