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True to the motto 'lights are the most important fitment', Belux puts emphasis on the formal appearance of lamps, as well as its light quality and atmospheric lighting effect. For this purpose, light is used as the basic means for interior design.

The Swiss manufacturer Belux is one of the leading companies in the field of office lighting and is specialized in desk lamps in order to illuminate entire office landscapes.

Belux - Functional and traditional lamps

Belux started as a manufacturer of lights for workshops. Later this business was discontinued in favor of design for living and working lights. The experience gained by the strictly functional workshop lamps, incorporated in decorative lamps by Belux. Especially in the workplace a reliable lighting is essential. The Swiss manufacturer sets this in perfection with the Lifto desk lamp. The design from 1985 is considered to be formative for the high-tech design and is now more relevant than ever. The latest iteration of this Belux lamp is fitted with LED technology. These efficient and durable technology is considered to be particularly economical.

Economic aspects should be particularly in technical lighting in focus. LED technology has thereby fatigue-free illumination for productive work. Especially in the office a reliable and sophisticated lighting is very important. For this LightingDeluxe provides quality lighting by the Swiss manufacturer.

Especially in the commercial sector, a professional lighting strategy by LightingDeluxe work wonders. A generous concept guarantees effective working and  promotes the productivity verifiable. Technical lights as the lamps by the Swiss manufacturer, are highly recommended, with them design and lighting effect fit together in perfection. With unobtrusive design and innovative technology, there are mainly these lights that effectively illuminate the working area.

Belux is particularly well positioned in the decorative sector. With timeless designs by renowned designers succeed the manufacturer, to celebrate international successes. He is dedicated to this demanding lighting and designed for private and professional use sophisticated solutions of the highest quality. The lights of Belux see themselves as creative room lighting objects that are characterized by formal quality and high-quality workmanship.

But Belux lights aren’t only known for functional designs, and exquisite designs as the Cloud series of renowned architect Frank Gehry are on offer from the Swiss company. The light, deconstructivist design has the handwriting of the Canadian exception architects.

As constructivist you could call contrast the One By One lamp series called, its design is little by little, leaf by leaf, constructed. By the unusual structure it enables an especially pleasant, diffuse light mood.

Belux lamps cover a wide range of different tastes. LightingDeluxe has selected lamps from the Swiss manufacturer and operated so classically furnished apartments as well as a modern interior.