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Bernd Unrecht - Industrial design from Germany

The Munich industrial designer Bernd Unrecht worked for many well-known companies in the design area. With the experience, he gained there, he founded the company Bernd Unrecht in Munich. Specializing in artful light objects of the highest quality, meet Bernd Unrecht lamps not only the lighting function, but also create atmosphere and a stylish ambience.

With more classical luminaries such as the Flamingo floor lamp manufacturers serving a clientele that emphasis on timeless designs. By the slim structure and the iconic lampshade the formal language is light and delicate.

In contrast, is the Wing supension lamp that is known for its modern design. It is combined with selected fabrics that are pleated partially consuming. The luminaire lives by this exciting contrast between formal language and material.

Bernd Unrecht luminaires are stylish design classics that always liked high-quality materials and high production quality, often through imaginative, unusual details. So also with the Faro table lamp that resembles in a lighthouse and so do not want to fit into the Munich Alps.
His inspiration draws Bernd Unrecht of stories, people and images from his everyday life. This is also the secret of his designs. Always on the cutting edge, they are classic in the best sense. The designs awake emotions in the viewer. They translate the mood and inspiration in making innovative designs.

Longevity is in the focus of Bern Unrecht lamps. This is guaranteed by the highest quality standards that apply both during the design process, as well as the final production and material selection. High craftsmanship expertise and an environmentally friendly, sustainable production and attention to details are, what make this German lighting factory so special.

Light is versatile and essential. This opinion Bernd Unrecht shows with all of his designs. Light brightens rooms, creates shadows, gives objects contour or structure. It creates ambiance, is invigorating and daily affect our lives. Light is much more than a lamp. It is precisely this versatility and the almost poetic character of light, which is reflected in the designs of Bernd Unrecht.

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LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of various lamps Bernd Unrecht, from modern to classic over failed. True to the motto "Light is heat and desire."