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Blauet - Minimalistic designs

The Spanish manufacturer Blauet developed a special relationship of tension with its eclectic designs. The unusual designs employ different styles and combine them into a harmonious whole. Since 1983 Blauet means lamps for excellent designs and high quality materials. Blauet is also an innovator in the lighting field. As one of the first manufacturers in Spain LED lights have been developed.

So the Metric series inspires with the efficient and durable light-emitting diodes. In addition to this modern design there is a flexibility, which allows to adapt the light individually. Through the minimalist, functional design it is particularly coherent in a modern interior.

But there are also more classic Blauet lights like the Berilio series available. Due the timeless fabric lampshade and the quality nickel structure it is perfect made for a classic interior design.

LightingDeluxe offers a wide choice of different Blauet lamps that are characterized by their modern, classic or unusual character. High quality materials and workmanship, as well as a sustainable company philosophy are formative for the innovative Spanish manufacturer.

Thanks to local production and the choice of raw materials it is shown that sustainability is very important to Blauet. The variety of products is also important for the Spanish manufacturer. From the ceiling light to the high-quality wall sconce, the range offers something for everyone. As pendant lights are called suspended from the ceiling, for which a generous ceiling height important. The advantage over a ceiling lamp is the scope, which is enjoyed with the suspension.

This, however, is also effective in low-ceilinged rooms and also illuminates understated because they do not protrude into the room. By special designs as well as ceiling lights can be a real eye-catcher of course.

Blauet also offers wall lamps that are perfect to give rooms structure and to emphasize certain areas. They have a more functional nature, which is contrasted by the most innovative designs.

Table lamps are particularly flexible and can be placed anywhere in the room. As a decorative variant they dismissed their diffuse light and atmosphere in the room. Thanks to high quality materials and a conscientious production the table lamps of the Spanish manufacturer not only convince with style.

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