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Catellani & Smith

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Catellani & Smith - Italian classics

The origin myth of the Italian manufacturer Catellani & Smith includes a great idea and two architects – one of them a horse. The imaginative legend that was invented by the actual company founder Enzo Catellani is perhaps not entirely true, but symbolizes the boundless creativity of the designer from Italy.

With his unique designs, such as the Fil de Fer light, he shaped generations of product designers. Handmade, elaborate designs are typical of this company ever since the beginning.

Catellani & Smith also acts as an innovator in the field of lighting technology. They were one of the first companies to recognize the potential of LED lights. This modern technology is characterized by high energy efficiency and long service life. The semiconductor-based technology emits very little heat radiation. By permanently installed LED solutions in microarchitecture, unimagined designs are possible.

This new technology is applied in current designs, such as the new, spectacular Lederam series, but it is also implemented in old models to ensure that they remain up-to-date.

Classics like the Postkrisi series are timeless in the best sense. Wall lights, table lamps and other lighting types are available from that popular series. Their unique style makes them fashionable and extraordinary, but at the same time classic.

Cold designs alternate with warmer designs within the work of Enzo Catellani. An example for the latter is the Luna table lamp, which is illuminated by a candle.

LightingDeluxe offers a variety of different lamps by Catellani & Smith. From minimalist pendant light to unusual floor lamps or classic ceiling lamp.

Pendant lights are a eye-catcher and are especially made for generous ceiling heights. Especially the Italian tradition manufacturer knows how to dominate the space with sophisticated designs. The ceiling lights are a bit more discreet and do not protrude into the room. They convince also through innovative designs and high quality materials.

Table lamps and floor lamps are characterized by their flexibility. They can be arranged freely in the room. This makes it to an ideal complement to a well thought out lighting concept. However, the functional character does not have to be missed with them. A reading lamp or a desk lamp donates reliable light for fatigue-free work.

The success of Catellani & Smith is based on a foundation of classic designs, which have stood the test of time through its unique design language and still are as current as ever. The range is extended by new, innovative ideas by  young design teams or Enzo Catellani personally. Through constant new development and reinvention of the traditional company Catellani & Smith takes itself in the innovative designer lighting industry to a very special status.

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