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Cini & Nils

The Italian manufacturer Cini & Nils was founded in 1969 by Mario and Franco Melocchi Bettonica. Initially specializing only on the design of furniture, which were used for the exhibitation MOMA in New York, later innovative designer lights were added. With the Cuboluce Lamp, designed in 1972, the connecting piece between decorative home accessories and table lamp was brought on the market. They beat a new way in the industrial lighting market. Even today, this Lamp, as well as their successor the Cuboled, is an important part of the extensive range of traditional labels.

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Cini & Nils - Timeless modern designs

Cini & Nils stands for the combination of decorative home accessories and high quality light. That approach is followed by the Italian manufacturer since its foundation and it resulted in many designs that evolved into modern classics over the years.

On one of these classics the Coboled table lamp is builded. Equipped with the latest LED technology the Cuboluce is transported into the new millennium. Its concentrated light beam can be purposefully controlled by the reflector, which also serves as a cover. It impresses with high energy efficiency and long service life.

The minimalist design of Coboled contrasts with the Collier pendant light. This enchanted by numerous cubes through which the light is multifaceted broken. Again, the manufacturer focuses on LED technology. The pendant light draws its character by all the attention and is particularly suitable for high ceilings. Suspended generously, it is usually for the place over the dining table for validity and unfolds a very special atmosphere that invites you to happy hours.

The Sestessa wall lamp is made of aluminum and is precipitated by curved, organic design. It unfolds a pleasant indirect lighting atmosphere. These Cini & Nils lamp is liked because of the high-quality workmanship and materials. Wall sconces have a more functional character. This is also presented with the elegant design of the Sestessa but occurs into the background thanks to the extraordinary design language.

LightingDeluxe offers a variety of Cini & Nils luminaires that are integrated into a modern environment just as harmonious as in a classically decorated home.

Cini & Nils was founded in 1969 by the designers Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica. As an industrial designer made their first attention, which they won by their exclusive designs of new facets of everyday objects. Since it was founded in Milan, Italy Cini & Nils is distinguished by the attention to detail that is evident both in the formal designs, as well as conscientious production. Thanks to the use of selected materials, the Italian manufacturer fulfills the highest quality standards.

The high-quality designer lamps decorate living room, bedroom or dining room the area, they illuminate reliable, elegant and stylish. They owe  a reduced design repertoire, which is used the more effective. Connected with traditional Italian craftsmanship are developed unique designs that are an eye-catcher in almost every interior, regardless of whether you live in a modern home, or if you have committed yourself  to a classical line. offers with the Light Journal current information and events about lighting. The latest series of known manufacturers and current trends are just as attention as informative articles about LED and sustainability.