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CMD - Creative metal design from Germany

CMD or Creativ Metall Design was founded in 2000 and provides stainless steel outdoor lighting in outstanding quality "Made in Germany". By the cooperation with local companies and most modern production places CMD has very high standards in terms of quality and sustainability. The design and production process takes place within the company. Creativ metal design so retains full control.

Initially Creativ Metall Design produced mailboxes, house numbers and accessories for the garden. The German company used only high-quality metals and sophisticated production processes. Later they specialized increasingly in outdoor lighting. They produced this, however, of the usual high quality metals. The lighting business can be described as core competence of Creativ Metall Design today.

CMD luminaires such as the Aqua Polo series are particularly popular and inspire by its minimalist, clean design, which is complemented by high-quality stainless steel and opal glass.

The large product spectrum, including the Aqua Quadro wall lamp or the Aqua Paulo floor lamp, makes it possible  to make the exterior uniform and currently. The different versions cover a wide range of possible tasks - of path lights about lighting effects on the terrace through to illuminate the entrance area.

LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of different CMD lamps that are an eye-catcher in the garden or terrace with a conscientious processing and high-quality stainless steel.

Over the years, Creativ Metall Design has developed into one of Germany's most popular manufacturers and the market leader in outdoor lighting. As a specialist for architectural lighting, the outdoor lights are characterized by particularly high durability and weatherability. By the protection degree of IP44 luminaires are protected against water and fine dust particles. Since only selected materials are used, particularly high quality and durability can be guaranteed. Stainless steel takes an important role and is also equipped with special coatings, to formative all CMD lights.

With functional design and geometric elements the drafts  by CMD enter a stage for light and fade discreetly into the background. Combined with high-quality glass work, an atmospheric light is discharged to the outside, the entrance, garden and paths, which are illuminated equally reliable.

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