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Delta Light is a Belgian lighting manufacturer. The company was founded by designer Paul Ameloot in 1987. The internationally known brand offers innovative and functional lighting fixtures with a formally reduced design. Delta Light is represented in over 80 countries and manufactures a varierty of rugged luminaires made of aluminum.

Characteristics like flexibility and the resulting operational capabilities of ceiling lights and recessed lights designed by Delta Light are just a few reasons why the lighting manufacturers products are loved on the market. For outdoor lighting Deltalight provides a collection of lamps whose simple design and high functionality are convincing.

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Deltalight - Clear Lines, Latest Technology

The Belgian manufacturer Deltalight combines design and technical lighting in a perfect way. Architectural lighting may disappear or can be a statement - or in the case of Deltalight both. The family can look back on 25 years of experience in the lighting design and is one of the great innovators in the industry.

When designing the lighting Deltalight relies on clean lines and subtle design. Contemporary wall lights, recessed lights and refined understatement downlights cannot deny their origin from Deltalight, despite the inherent diversity. In all instances, large or small, indoor or outdoor, the great quality awareness by Paul Ameloot enforces who decisively shaped the priorities as founder and forwards it to the younger generation.

The simple but ingenious designs for lighting fixtures are continued also in the technical area. Manufacturer typical luminaires such as the Bicep pendant light, the Reo spotlights or the Be Cool wall lamp are perfect suited to illuminate offices and conference rooms. The importance of good lighting in the working area should not to be underestimated. Studies have shown that the concentration increases with better light, so the productivity is boosted. Deltalight makes an important contribution.

The manufacturer does not only offer innovation on the creative level. Deltalight is also on the technical side with the latest technology and advanced materials at its own developments. These originate from the in-house research department, where the great heads of engineering and design meet and tinker on the light of tomorrow. The high quality standards are there obvious: ongoing checks throughout the production process guarantee perfection in every detail.

As a pioneer in the field of technology Deltalight has recognized very early the potential of LED lighting. Thanks to the excellent properties of LED bulbs in energy efficiency and lifetime, an alternative has been created which nothing else can compete with economically. The innovative design of LED lighting elements offers completely new possibilities and the limits that the designers were set so far, are therefore obsolete.

Deltalight has also developed an innovation in that field - the Softdim LED light. Until now, a major drawback with dimmable LED lights was, that with decreasing brightness, the light color has remained the same. A homely atmosphere, which is to be achieved by dimming, could not be created under these conditions. Thanks to the new Softdim technology from Deltalight, the light color of 2700K (warm white) changes at 100% brightness gradually to 1800K at 10% brightness. Thus, the same lighting effect can be achieved, as with halogen lamps, while delivering greater energy efficiency and durability.

The technical aspects are always in focus for the manufacturer Deltalight, but they never lose sight of the aesthetics. Design always starts at the function.