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The German manufacturer Domus Light keeps to the tradition to manufacture lamps handcrafted. The aim is to create rather timeless classics than to rely on rapidly changing trends. Thus, the lamps by Domus Light are lasting values, whereby the environmentally responsible and fair production is a matter of course for the manufacturer. That is why renewable natural resources are used wherever possible. Especially wood is used for the entire collection.

Wonderful representatives of these products are the Kioto ceiling fixture, the Loop table lamp or the Bolino reading light.

Domus – Light for Living

Domus was founded in 1966 by the tradesmann Henning Borm in Bad Mueder, Germany. Under the slogan "Light for Living" are created innovative lighting collections since then. Light is a separate element in interior design. This is known as the fourth dimension of space. Light can effectively zoning and accentuate, it can create an atmosphere. Light brings life. Therefore lamps from Domus also stand for more than just the illumination of the room. They combine function and design in a perfect manner. Domus lights donate pleasant, comfortable light.

Domus is a manufactory. Handwork is very important, despite excellent technical equipment of the production. The employee, his skills and craftsmanship are at the forefront - and this you can see at any light by Domus. The main components of the luminaire are made of Domus itself. Only in this way "Made in Germany" can be guaranteed with an excellent quality.

The high-quality materials such as wood require manual labor due to their delicate nature. After careful examination obtain Domus lamps their seal of quality and can be delivered to the customer. Another advantage of wood is next to the natural beauty of the material also the ecological aspect. The factory Domus uses renewable raw materials. Instead of lacquers, natural vegetable oils or waxes are used. Also in technical products is placed a paramount value on sustainability. Here, Domus committed deliberately to Germany, which is known for long runs in environmental protection. Thanks to short transportation routes and a local production of CO² emissions are reduced.

So it is hardly surprising, that in addition to the sustainable raw material wood also the unusual material felt is used. Lamps like the LARAfelt ceiling light excited just by this material. The lampshade made of felt is available in different colors, which gives it a modern touch.

The designers of Domus get their inspiration from all over the world. The Kioto ceiling lamps series has an Asian touch and is made of wood and the natural development Lunopal. This unique lampshade fabric was an international sensation in 1988 together with Lunolit. Thanks to these materials totally new designs have been made possible for the German manufacturer. So also the Nimbus pendant lamp or the Loop wall sconce, which was awarded with the Saarland State Prize for Design in 2009.

Domus stands for sustainability and ecological awareness. Therefore, the manufacturer uses in addition to renewable raw materials and the energy-efficient LED technology, which is used for example in the LARA series. Light-emitting diodes are highly durable and low emissions.

Are you interested in sustainable corporate policy by Domus? In the Light Journal by you will find information about the topic LED and sustainability and the latest collections of international designer lamps manufacturers. Let yourself be inspired.