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El Torrent

Articulate design and fine materials distinguish this manufacturer from Catalonia. His lights sparkle with vitality and spirit and are incidentally equipped with the latest technology. El Torrent pays special attention to the particular combination of well thought-out design and innovative technology. Not a single model is only average and everywhere you can see the Spanish way of life and the handwriting of excellent designers. Who purchases an El Torrent light, can call a handmade unique piece his own, which is equipped with high-end technology and transfers warmth and comfort to any environment.

El Torrent: Art meets function within a picturesque countryside

El Torrent was founded twenty years ago in a small town in the Pyrenees by Eloy Puig. The striking countryside between France and Spain is a true source of inspiration for the designers of the Catalan label. The green fields and rolling hills are reflected in the lighting designs: thoroughly organic shapes combine with innovative materials and form extraordinary luminaire designs such as the Koord series.

Designs and ideas are brought to life, connecting as part of the vibrant synergy of landscape and studio. This great source of inspiration makes imagination and art elapse and manifests in the wonderful lights, thanks to the teamwork at El Torrent. All products are handmade and are finished with great attention to detail. In combination with the latest technology, lamps are made that convince by great sustainability.

Only a handful of the best designers in Europe are working closely with El Torrent. Together they set about their noble goals and at the same time ensure a wide variety of design. Eloy Puig has gathered this team himself and is constantly striving to develop new designs. He loves to experiment and re-invents everyday things. An example of this effort is its coining Coord series.

The Coord lights are mainly composed of braided cords that are woven around the bulb. The profane material, ennobled by the special design, is the basis for extraordinary lights that shine in various colors and shapes. The special technique, by which the lamps are made by hand, opens a new view on the light, depending on the angle. El Torrent even offers an outdoor floor lamp of the Koord series. It adds summer spirit to the terrace and creates a lovely light atmosphere in the evening.

For the Swell pendant lamp, natural materials are used by the Spanish manufacturer as well. It impresses with the organic shape, which resembles a closed flower. The natural material wood combines to a design that demonstrates a unique internal and external continuity. The finishing touch is the red fabric cable: It ensures that the overall picture is not smooth and a bit edgy.

El Torrent has taken aim to combine art and technology. The team views their design as a manifestation of the Mediterranean lifestyle. They create lights that are alive, radiate from the inside and put a smile on the face of their owners. El Torrent wants to create a new language, using selected materials and innovative processing. They revalue traditional manufacturing methods and complement them with their future oriented expertise and creative wit.