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Aesthetics in light and space - a corporate dogma was rarely pursured more consistently than with the light manufacturer Escale from Limbach in Germany.
Constant search for technical innovation, unusual forms and timeless design distinguish Escale . High-quality materials, technical finesse and the special design language, far away from mainstream, make Escale luminaires to what they are: aesthetics in light and space.

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Escale - Design Lights for Individualists with German Quality Standards

The German manufacturer Escale convinces not with functionality, simplicity or other Bauhaus-virtues, but with unusual design objects, which are often only at a second glance recognizable as supposedly simple lamps. The modern ceiling lights, pendants and floor lights are appealing to individualists, who value quality products and are looking for something unique. With Escale they will find it.

For the inspired designs Mosru Mohiuddin is primarily responsible. He created designs like the Zen ceiling light, Fluid pendant light or Silk Floor Lamp, which are characteristic for Escale. Designers and engineers combine opulent materials such as 24-carat gold and Swarovski crystals, and create lamps like the Crystal Rain ceiling light, which, despite its decadent blend, is still not baroquely overloaded. Thanks to the clear lines, a modern ceiling light is created with ease, which is exemplary for the congenial ideas of Escale.

The most popular lights from the German manufacturer are from the Zen Series. Like the Buddhist philosophy, it symbolizes perfect harmony. The inspired combination of simplicity and elegance is unique and the illumination by indirect light creates a special atmospheric mood in the room. The Zen series includes modern ceiling lights in various designs and colors, and an elegant floor lamp.

In all artistic finesse, there is still a great emphasis on high quality. Escale is characterized by a careful processing of high quality materials. The team is open to design ideas from all over the world, and firmly rooted at home when it comes to German quality awareness. This starts with the design of a lamp, accompanies the development and monitors the production. The result are magical lights of timeless elegance, with quality workmanship that speaks for itself.

Also lighting Innovation can be found on the agenda of the German manufacturer. Escale early on recognized the advantages of LED lights. Not only with regard to the long life and energy efficiency – but also with regard to the new design opportunities offered by the Micro-construction of the lamps. Especially in the field of LED dimmable variants Escale is a pioneer.

Current trends and popular materials are incorporated in the research and development, and in complementing existing luminaire series. LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of the lighting fixtures made by Escale.