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Evi Style

Evi Style creates lights that touches all senses. High-quality materials ensure an attractive appearance, well thought-out shapes for a unique design. The Evi Style brand is part of the Italian company Luce Italiane, which has always proved to be particularly skilled in combining tradition and modernity. The luminaires fit in the modern interior as well as in the classically furnished home. This balancing act succeeds through the contemporary interpretation of traditional designs, creating eclectic connections of extraordinary elegance.The sister brand Morosini is characterized by a modern shape language and minimalist lines, and captures the latest trends at the cutting edge. Evi Style, on the other hand, strives not to lose sight of the tradition of modern lighting: based on classic designs, the designers at Evi Style develop their innovative ideas. The result is extraordinary lighting, characterized by traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Evi Style - Classic designs reinterpreted

The Evi Style brand belongs to the Italian company Luce Italiane. Like the Morosini brand, Evi Style also has a certain taste. Classical lighting is interpreted contemporary by Evi Styles designers. Different styles are combined to create eclectic connections of exceptional elegance. In contrast to the modern form language of the Morosini brand, which shapes current trends and focuses on clear lines and a minimalistic form language, the approach of Evi Style is a completely different one. To create modern luminaires here is not to lose sight of the tradition, to orient itself to classics, but also to a sense of innovation in interpretation. The result is a multitude of unusual lighting fixtures, which are characterized by traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Materials like original Swarovski crystals in different colors and high-quality metals make Evi Style lamps look so magnificent. Carefully designed crystal chandeliers like the case series inspire by a contemporary form language. In combination with traditional materials, a special tension is created, which makes the magic of Evi Style lamps. Generously dimensioned, the Evi Style Fall Chandelier becomes an absolute sight - especially in the living room or dining room. Chromium, like the crystals, contributes to the special luster.

In addition to chandeliers, Evi Style also offers wall or ceiling lights. The Groove collection inspires above all with high-quality and innovative materials, which are used in their production. Aluminum foam is regarded as the material of the future and is combined with noble colors like gold or silver. The simple design leaves the noble materials full scope. The groove unfolds a discreet, indirect light mood, which is particularly suited to the atmospheric lighting of the living room or bedroom.

But Evi Style lamps are not always determined by tradition. With the Frise pendant light designer Andrea Lazzari creates a special design object, which is made by noble materials such as gold and silver, but also the current trend color copper. It fits into a modern interior as well as in a classically furnished home. Due to the special manufacturing method, the metal screen is highly structured and reminds almost of pleated fabric. The direct light mood makes it ideal to work over counters or the dining table.

The designers of Evi Style create lights that touch all senses. Noble materials guarantee pleasant haptics, an innovative design language, a design which is beyond any doubt. Luci Italiane, with the Evi Style line, proves a special skill in combining tradition and modernity. Together with manufacturers such as Artemide or Modoluce, the traditional manufacturer is thus the elite among the Italian designer lighting manufacturers. High quality and timeless design "Made in Italy".