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In 1961, Fabbian Illuminazione was founded as a lighting manufacturer for private customers and remittance work. With this foundation, coupled with tradition and quality, Fabbian developed into an international operating and and perceived company.

Fabbian uniquely combines the needs of large-scale projects with the high demands of every single customer. Fabbian lighting design for example includes the Beluga light that offers a very attractive and colorful design. In contrast, the Hungry light is very special and convinces with its unique and almost crazy design. Many other Fabbian lights are offering the best of illumination and stylish staging of interior design.

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Fabbian - formal elegance from Italy

Fabbian was founded in Italy in 1961. The manufacturer produces all components within the company's own production centers. The distinctive designs from Fabbian are characterized by innovative technology, quality materials and elegant design. The research and design process is carried out by an international team, which is based on ultra-modern computerized processes and control systems. is a global distributor of Fabbian, who open up new markets in Asia and America by their expansionary policies.

The worldwide success of the traditional Italian company is also a result of timeless design and high quality materials. Especially the hand-blown glassware, like at the Beluga ceiling lights, convince by high quality craftsmanship. The timeless design of Beluga allows a high flexibility and a discreet, reliable lighting for living room, kitchen or hallway.

The Cloudy pendant light inspires by its exquisite glasswork. Designed by the renowned French designer Mathieu Lehanneur, especially the screen is loved, due to the soft transition from matt white opal to high-quality clear glass. Optionally, it is also available with modern LED technology, which is particularly energy-efficient and durable. It fits perfectly into the dining room.

Another Fabbian lamp, which is perfect for the dining room table, is the Hungry pendant light. It is hung with quality cutlery made of stainless steel, which make it clear how adventurous the designers of the Italian manufacturer are. Even minimalist designs, which are based on geometric shapes and convince through clear lines, provide the great offer by Fabbian. The Cubetto pendant lamp and other members of Cubetto series impress by its formal elegance and high quality glass works in a variety of colors.

In discreet and minimalist designs set the numerous recessed spotlights by Fabbian. These almost disappear in the architecture and brighten the living room reliably. Through a direct radiating a space can be effectively zoned. With the recessed light Sette Fabbian manufactures a restrained recessed luminaire, which is made of high quality aluminum. Thanks to excellent lighting properties it is also suitable for commercial use.

Especially important for recessed lighting is a professional lighting arrangement. offers this service for professional and private use. We note in our holistic planning special customer requests, styles and issues of sustainability, and the specific room conditions and develop an individual lighting concept that meets the highest demands.

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