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Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer is a German industrial Designer who offers a wide range of contemporary lighting design. His first design company for manufacturing lighting fixtures was already found in the 1960s and provided a completely new style for lighting design at that time. The design light Bulb (1966) by Ingo Maurer is one of the most famous light-art works and is shown in design museums around the world.

The award-winning designer presents a wide variety of lamps. Those are especially characterized by the innovative processing of materials and truly artistic installations of selected illuminants.

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Ingo Maurer - Creative Designs made from Everyday Material

"We are successful when we trigger a sentiment within people." - This quotation from Ingo Maurer describes the essence of his work.

Maurer, who was born in 1932 in Reichenau in Germany, early on discovered his love for design. After finishing his studies in the field of graphic design, he moved to the United States. There he founded the company Design M in 1966, which was later renamed Ingo Maurer. His first creation, the Bulb table lamp, caused international excitement and was later added to the exhibition of the MOMA in New York. Maurer’s talent in the field of industrial design already showed in his first light. Reduced to the essentials, it encourages the viewer to reflect on the experience with everyday objects.

Ingo Maurer wants to touch people emotionally; he wants to send more than just light. He does not only break new ground in terms of design: even in the technical area, he acts as an innovator. His homage to the father of the incandescent lamp, the Eddie's Son pendant light, creates a virtual light bulb – a hologram, which is a pioneer in technical fields, as was Thomas Edison's invention in the past.

The team around Ingo Maurer supports him in numerous designs and regularly creates unusual design lights, which bring something special to any room. Examples as the Lucellino NT wall lamp or Zettel'z pendant lights show how inspired lights are designed with conventional materials and one good idea. They do not only produce light but also trigger amazement, recognition and amusement within the observer. The Birdie chandelier shows how an idea can be developed further until the difference between art and function blurrs. With many pieces, Maurer's love for Pop Art is shown. He is looking for beauty in everyday objects, and makes it visible in creations like the Campari Light pendant light or the Canned Light.

With Ingo Maurer lamps you can make any room avant-garde or give it a twinkle. His lights illuminate your dinner party, while providing the topic of conversation. They create atmosphere and trigger diverse associations within the viewer. They split the minds and unite them beneath their glow.

Ingo Maurer is an international company with showrooms in New York City and Munich. LightingDeluxe offers a wide selection of unusual lighting fixtures from the German manufacturer.