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Knikerboker – The Art of Handmade

Gigi Ranica founded Knikerboker in 2004. His studio is located in Lallio, a small community not far from the Italian fashion capital Milan. Small wonder that Ranica earned his spurs in the international fashion world. As textile capital of Italy here many world-renowned fashion labels are originated. Brands such as Gucci, Versace, Prada or Armani are located in Milan. Twice a year, take place the Milan Fashion Week - an internationally significant event in the fashion world. In addition to Paris, New York and London, the capital of Lombardy is the most important fashion capital of the world.

Here gets Gigi Ranica his inspirations. Substances that nuzzle to the body. The finest materials with a fine texture. The movements of the models on the catwalk. All these influences determine the layouts of the designer. Even the name of his company is based on a fashionable garment: the Knickerbocker trousers. As his favorite garment Gigi Ranica carries them often while hiking and in his spare time. To put this in his opinion, far too little attention garment a monument, he named his first company after it.

As in the Haute Couture crafted is in the first place at Knikerboker lights. "The Art of Handmade" is the motto that characterizes the production process. High-quality materials are processed at the Italian manufacturer with artisanal attention to detail. Gigi Ranica designs all its lights themselves. So it guarantees that each Knikerboker light carries its own signature and its high quality standards.

With the Crash Plafone ceiling light and other members of the Crash Collection, which also includes wall sconces and suspension lamps, Ranica is inspired by the characteristics of high-quality textiles. Frozen in motion, that appears the distinctive design of the Crash. He edited the hand folded steel of which the lampshade is made, as well as the substances that have shaped its past. Thanks to the careful craftsmanship with which the collection is made, each lamp is unique. LightingDeluxe provides this light in different colors.

The Hue pendant lamp is also available in a modern LED variant. Gigi Ranica calls himself a traditionalist, but proves again and again that he is also an innovator in the lighting industry. So also with the unique design language of the Hue Collection, which consists of wall sconces, pendant lights and table lamps. The high-quality steel is shaped and coated according to the choice of customers in different color combinations. So this light can also enhance a modern interior despite its elegant design.

The Confusione wall sconce is made by hand. The various aluminum wires are intricately intertwined and so add to the appeal of the Confusione collection. offers a wide range of different lights of the young Italian manufacturer. In the current Light Journal you can find more suggestions for your home, as well as information about the latest collections of other Italian and international lighting manufacturers.