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Kundalini was founded in Italy in 1996. In contemporary design environment, the manufacturer has ever since, been more known and popular. Through the introduction of a completely new design language that breaks all the habits, and the lamp itself entirely differently interpreted, Kundalini established itself internationally, as a leading manufacturer of designer lamp.

If you are looking for something away from the norm, Kundalini has the appropriate offer. Lights of individualists for individualists. Italian design for an international audience.

Kundalini - Contemporary design with a modern twist

Kundalini was founded in 1996 in Italy. It originated as an idea of ​​a new typology of lamps, innovative, high individuality, exciting new forms and lighting creations. Expression of an inimitable product culture and a universal design language. Especially in the international media as television productions, commercials and films enjoy the unusual design of Kundalini lights a lasting popularity.

In the field of contemporary design Kundalini has internationally held a kind of pioneer, which is based on innovative design, latest technology and the most modern production processes. Kundalini is avant-garde, consistently, always original and above all creative. The young company was able to prevail in the traditionalist Italy and is now on a par with Artemide, Flos or Catellani & Smith. Thanks to continuous development, the commitment of young talents and their own quality standards Kundalini is an international company, which never neglected its roots.

Kundalini is characterized by an individual, cosmopolitan style. Every product is born of its own idea. The careful selection of materials and production type leads to the high quality of the finished product. Each lamp corresponds to the corporate philosophy that has always combined an unconventional approach with in-depth knowledge of materials and technologies.

Kundalini combines function and emotion, design and light in a harmonious manner and proves by modern classics such as the Shakti floor lamp the ability trends and timeless designs to develop. Marzio Rusconi Clerici designs the Shakti as an eye catcher in every apartment. It sets the tone by shape and color, with light effects and technology. Laser cut Plexiglas is precisely combined with the simple foot. It develops a distinctive tension that makes the Shakti so extraordinary.

The Kyudo Floor Lamp, which was named after the Japanese art of archery, combines Kundalini unusual, but functional design with modern LED technology. The so-called light-emitting diodes are particularly energy-efficient and durable. Thanks to the micro-engineered designs like the Kyudo are possible. The luminaire can be infinitely adjusted in size, making it ideal for flexible use as a reading light. Thanks to various standing for election color it finds its place in every home.

The Italian manufacturer will also be appreciated on the use of traditional materials. The Pluto hanging lamp is made of glass. Kundalini processes the material in an unconventional way and coaxed him an avant-garde design. It works particularly well in groups arranged, but it can also individually set the tone.

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