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Marchetti Illuminazione presents already since over 40 years Italian lights all over the world. The quality of the brand Marchetti was always remarkable. Behind this name is a company that identifies itself completely with the style and quality of the brand. The products of Marchetti Illuminazione emphasize the art of manual processing. They demonstrate at the same time how to follow new ways and how to go with the technological progress. Marchetti Illuminazione with its unique lighting was the beginning point for the interior with the objects of timeless, classical culture. Light objects, which are intended to outlast fashion trends and to generate a timeless atmosphere.

Marchetti Illuminazione – Stylish lighting from Italy

For over 40 years the Italian manufacturer Marchetti combines craftsmanship with an entrepreneurial spirit. Marchetti experimenting with new technologies like 3D modeling and lighting calculation by computer programs. These findings are included in the development and design of the luminaire. Lighting is more than just brighten a room. Light can give your home atmosphere. It is one of the most important elements in the interior design in private and professional use. Marchetti Illuminazione places great emphasis on a harmonious connection between craft and design.

This can be seen at each draft. High-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing complement timeless designs. Through specialized production, which still requires a high proportion of manual work, provide Marchetti luminaires an excellent quality. The high-grade crystal works that are used by the traditional Italian manufacturer in its designs, are acting as a link between future and tradition. The Italian designers perfectly understand to combine the traditional material with modern design.

So inspires the Diamante pendant lamp by the specific contrast of traditional crystal working and the modern language of form. The high-quality Italian crystals with Bohemia cut form rings in space, which seem to float freely and are intertwined. The high-quality metal structure is combined in natural brilliance to the lamp body. offers various crystal colors that can shine any room.

Fine crystals act at the Essentia suspension lamp as loving detail. Especially harmonically it acts in a classical-style home. Chaster and modern acts the Pura Pendant light, which has the same timeless design as the Essentia, but without using crystal work. Again, rings seem as weightless to devour each other. Many different color combinations let make you the right choice for your home. The Pura hanging lamp is one of the most popular collections of Marchetti.

The Ricciodoro wall sconce follows an eclectic approach. Inspired by an ancient form of language it is made of an ultra-modern metal alloy and available in different colors. It lightens indirectly into the room and so displays a particularly pleasant lighting atmosphere. offers a wide selection of various lamps of the Italian tradition manufacturer. Marchetti covers a wide range of different styles. This ranges from classical floor lamps to contemporary pendant lights to minimalist ceiling lamps. Also recessed spotlights are available. However, these do not hold back as usual, but become to an eye catcher due to its numerous crystals.

In the Light Journal of you will find the latest trends and novelties of other Italian designers such as Flos, Artemide or Knikerboker. Let yourself be inspired for your home and read up on the topics of sustainability and LED lighting.