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The Spanish manufacturer Marset stands for an original and innovative lighting design coupled with a processing of high quality. In this way, fabric and shading are perfectly combined to create a beautiful lighting atmosphere, whereas the light itself always keeps its exceptional signature.

The Discoco as well as the Mercer lighting family are probably the most impressive lights by Marset. A young representative by Marset with a surprisingly extravagant design is the Scantling series that enchants with its wonderful charm.

Marset – Lighting Design with Spanish temperament

The origin of Marset goes back to the 1940s. It was founded as an industrial molten metal in Barcelona. In 1970 Jesús Marset began to manufacture lamps made of metal. The years of experience in the metal industry helped him to design unconventional metal lamps, which were characterized by high quality. In the 1990s, Marset developed with the commitment of Joan Gaspar to the company that it is today.

Each material requires, similar to metal, special processing techniques. Marset recognized this and developed its own productions, which were perfectly adapted to the respective materials. The former specialized in metal lights company experimented with wood or ceramic and designed timeless classic luminaires, which are famous for perfect craftsmanship and stunning design.

Marset Spain has outgrown a long time ago. 80% of its turnover, the company generates on the international level. With a dense network from partners such as, the international market is increasingly gaining importance. Also Marsets designers are international. They come from Germany, France, Spain or America. All these different influences shaped the company and emphasize its international character. Particularly successful Marset is in Germany, Switzerland and the design interested Denmark.

Marset believes that lights are to innovate in four ways: the concept, the material, the technology and the beauty of their form. But innovation should always be carefully and purposefully. It established designers lights already out careful revisions. For example, the Discocó pendant lamp, one of the most popular lamps by Marset is offered in new, exciting colors.

Marset is always keen to promote young designers and new concepts. But even established designers as Lliuís Porqueras, Joan Gaspar or Christophe Mathieu develop exciting designs for the Spanish manufacturer. The Funiculi floor lamp is one of the oldest designs and has nothing lost from its timeliness, even after more than 40 years. In classic colors it is timeless in the best sense and enchants every room - whether bedroom, living room or dining room.

With the Pleat Box pendant lamp, the Spanish manufacturer is one of the first who experimented with ceramics - and very successfully. The suspension lamp, which impresses with a flowing design language, has unique tactile characteristics that emphasize the noble character. But lovers of classic designs are happy with Marset. The Nolita table lamp is ideally suitable for traditionally furnished bedroom and living room.

Even outdoors Marset is represented. The Lab Outside Wall Sconce convinces through its simplicity of form. The TXL pendant lamp looks like a hanging lamp for indoor use, but is suitable thanks to high degree of protection for garden and terrace. In the Light Journal by you will find more information on current trends as outdoor lighting and the latest collections of international manufacturers of high-quality designer lamps.