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Less is more - that is the company philosophy of Oligo, which is recognizable throughout the collection. The reduced formal language creates an appealing design, which enriches both the domestic interior as well as office spaces, lobbies and foyers. First-class technical know-how and special care in processing guarantee a great quality, manufactured in Germany and used internationally. The light design is straightforward and complemented by a certain something that is created through the combination of material and design, the special use of color or sophisticated functions. Oligo's high-quality lightings combine their outstanding design with clear shape, innovative technology and best processing.

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The manufacturer OLIGO is synonymous with state-of-the-art lighting technology and quality from Germany. They have set themselves the goal of making life more comfortable and production processes more efficient. The word "oligo" is Greek and means "little". The designers at Oligo are dedicated to this guiding principle and strive for a reduced form language in the sense of "less is more". The light is staged with the design claim of effortlessness: as a grand event or in sober minimalism, radiant with joy or optical charm.

By concentrating on the essentials, Oligo manufactures fixtures which are as discreet as compact and impress with an outstanding light output. This has made Oligo a real trademark. Every single model is a result of creative inspiration, contemporary lighting technology and craftsmanship. This refusal of inferior mass products in combination with sophisticated design has already been rewarded with numerous international awards.

Oligo light systems have been a guarantee for best quality for over 25 years. The luminaires are used in various areas. With sophisticated lighting concepts tailored to your needs, Oligo offers a suitable solution for every requirement.

The company employs about 200 people at two production sites in Germany. Thanks to best technology, the precisely manufactured Oligo lamps can also be made in series. The advantages of an industrial production are thus combined with the best quality and functionality.

The hand-picked employees all share the enthusiasm for the phenomenon of light. Oligo has succeeded in accumulating technological know-how in so many areas that an exceptionally large specialist density prevails with the manufacturer. This is an extraordinarily fertile climate for future-oriented light solutions in various areas. Oligo offers lighting for home and office, as well as industrial lighting for processing, controlling and optimizing.

The most important instrument in meeting the high standards is a vigilant quality management. At Oligo, nothing is left to chance: Carefully selected suppliers, constant monitoring of the production and evaluation of technology are building blocks of the foundation on which Oligo's lamps stand. Its specialized partners help to implement tailor-made solutions to realize the product ideas of designers in shape and technology alike.

All lamps are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany in order to meet the high quality requirements of the Made in Germany label. Oligo also offers a product certification according to national and international standards.

Oligo assumes responsibility: As part of the industrial sector and the pioneer of modern lighting technology, the manufacturer considers sustainability to be an entrepreneurial duty. The light industry is in the middle of a revolution through LEDs: Oligo also offers the long-lasting, energy-saving light sources. New worlds, which were still unthinkable in the age of the incandescent lamp, open up thanks to semiconductor technology, freedom in form and novel communication and control possibilities. Light is online now!

Absolute classic is the Oligo series by the pretty name Grace. Its design is as simple as it is ingenious and fits in different contexts. The numerous variants open up many possible applications, so that there is the right model for every requirement. The Grace is intelligently designed and competently implemented. The lamps are elegant on the one hand, but on the other hand they are also very well thought out. They combine efficient LED technology with smart features for flexible use.