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Rotaliana produces since 1989 in one of the most famous regions of lighting, in Trentino, Italy its lamps. The uniqueness of these desk lamps, which are often made for offices and other lights are the color options. Thus, it is preferred worked with particularly strong colors, like red, yellow and blue. In addition, also the MultiPot and MultiBOOK are some of the best known products of this manufacturer. These solve by its storage space and structure the problems of the many different charging cables in a very easy way. But also the Luxy and the Drink series have its own special charm.

Rotaliana – Enlightened Quality from Italy

The name Rotaliana can be traced back to Piana Rotaliana, which is a plain in northern Italy. The company was founded there in 1989, in Mezzolombardo, and is still located there. Rotaliana stands in the tradition of typical Italian designs. Elegance, functionality and the unusual exist in Italy naturally side by side. Rotaliana brings "La Dolce Vita" - the Italian way of life to your home.

Italian design benefits from the good reputation, which the icons of the industry such as Artemide, Flos or Catellani & Smith have built up over the years. Italian labels inspire international designers and benefit from the introduced styles. This is done as a matter of course, and increasingly also in the furnishing and lighting in the area of ​​fashion, as well as the automotive industry.

In Italy tradition is respected. Especially in Lombardy, in northern Italy around Milan, there are still classic craftsman enterprises, where much emphasis is placed on the important heritage. Resident companies like Rotaliana benefit from this experience, which make up the special quality of Rotaliana lamps. The Italian manufacturer succeeds in perfectly to combine tradition with modernity.

For example, with the Drink floor lamp. The classic style of the slender structure and the simple screen appear to be all of one casting. Thanks to many different colors there is the right option for every customer.

The floor lamp is also available with modern LED technology. Rotaliana creates innovative concepts to combine classic design with modern technology. The light-emitting diodes have a low heat output, so they have a high efficiency. These excellent energetic properties are complemented by high durability and low maintenance.

Rotaliana is particularly liked because of its colorful designs. The popular Luxy table lamp, thanks to its variety of lampshade colors for the office, home office or even the kids ideal. It donates reliable, direct light, which can tire the eyes less quickly, thus increasing the productivity. The String table lamp is less colorful, but also functional. The design by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda is sleek and classy. Thanks to numerous joints they can be optimally adapted to the individual needs. Modern LED technology donates pleasant, light dosed in combination with the innovative touch dimmer.

The two designers of the String are also distinguished for the timeless design of the Belvedere wall sconce. The noble aluminum and LED lights give it a modern character.

The popular Rotaliana MultiPot gets an elegant successor with the multiBook. Inside a triple socket is included, which allows you to load the main equipment, such as mobile phone, digital camera or MP3 player. At the same time MultiBook is a noble light object wish enlightens the room stylish.