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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a young business from England, which was found in 2002. The name has a way longer history: Young Tom Dixon played in a famous disco band and created iconic design classics, like the S-Chair, which is part of the permanent exhibition at the MOMA in New York. His past as a musician influenced the naming of one of the most famous designs: the Tom Dixon Beat pendant light. Other well known lights are the Etch or the Base. The brand never fails to combine tradition and modern spirit. The wide range of products offers floor lights, table lights, pendant lights and many more: there is something for every taste.

Tom Dixon – Unconventional Design from England

Tom Dixon was born in 1959. As an autodidact he took thanks to his unconventional designs foot in the international designer industry. With the iconic chair "S", he designed his first great success for the Italian company Cappellini. Thereby he was consolidating its reputation as a talented young designer. With "Space", he established a creative environment for product designers and craftsmen. Here he developed more compelling designs.

2002, at the age of 43 years, Tom Dixon founded in London his first company named after him. By usual unconventional design language and high quality of workmanship and materials, Tom Dixon succeeded by now an international breakthrough. In 2006, he also conquered the USA. The new branch office in New York took care of the American market and contributed decisively to the growth of the young company. With China Tom Dixon established in the next major market.

The products by Tom Dixon are as diverse as the English capital. From furniture to accessories to lighting design, anything is possible. In 2013 he developed the first fashion collection of his career. The Adidas Design Line Tom Dixon became an absolute success.

The boundless creativity of the English label, it also owes its innovative design research studio, which is dedicated to interior design and architecture. From internationally recognized concepts for the Royal Academy in London or for restaurants Jamie Oliver also benefits the product lines for the private living area.

Tom Dixon realized early the unique effect of copper and therefore created a trend, which also followed luminaire manufacturers like Louis Poulsen, Artemide or Kolarz. With the lamp designated simply as Copper pendant light, he used the timeless material for an innovative design, which caused international excitement. Warm colors and high-quality materials such as brass have a special place in the work of Tom Dixon. This is clear even in the Base floor lamp. In it he combines a classically shaped lampshade with a lean structure made of cast iron. This unusual combination of materials from this floor lamp draws its charm, too.

Tom Dixon is known for experimenting with unusual materials and technologies. One result of this process is the Melt pendant lamp. Vacuum metallization allows an unusual shape, which, as its name suggests, like freshly melted acts. What makes this hanging lamp is the way in which changes their appearance from the off state to the on. The metal surface changes from completely opaque to semi-transparent when it is lighten from the inside. offers online with a wide selection of designer lamps Tom Dixon is the ideal opportunity to meet this young English producer. Who is enthusiastic about the unconventional design and materials, will find in the Light Journal of further information about the latest trends such as copper or LED as well as suggestions for your own four walls.