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The Italian manufacturer Vistosi  is one of the best lighting manufacturer for special lighting designs with glass.Because of their own glassworks Vistosi can constantly create new designs, making such unique lamps like the Giogali or Diadema  possible. A beautiful combination of glass, which attracts by its shape and color combination the viewers in their tracks.

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Vistosi – Italian craftmanship with tradition

The roots of the Italian manufacturer Vistosi can be traced back to the 17th century. At that time, the term "vistoso", which means something like striking as a nickname for the Venetian artisans Gerolamo Gazzabin. As "Vistosi" he took the name officially for himself and his creations. Gio-Batta Vistosi, a descendant of Gerolamos became chairman of the Guild of Murano glassblowing in the 18th century.

Murano is an island in the northwest of Venice, which is world renowned for the exquisite glass works. It housed all the furnaces of the lagoon city and is still worth a visit. The Italian government funded since the postwar period, a variety of museums, art studios and training centers that are dedicated to the traditional glass crafts.

Also the family Vistosi focused after the war to its centuries-kept heritage of glassmaking. In the 1950s, the Italian family discovered the world of light for themselves and made henceforth quality luminaires, which they devoted in the same attention as to the traditional glass crafts.

The key to today's continued success lies in the cooperation with the most famous and most talented designers of its time. So in the 1960s, Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass and Angelo Mangiarotti characterized the line of Vistosi. Mangiarotti was it, who also developed the bestseller of the Italian tradition manufacturer with the revolutionary Giogali series. It consists of a variety artfully interwoven, available in various colored crystal hooks, through which the light is refracted rich effected. offers the Giogali series as pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp or floor lamp. It is also available as a smaller Minigiogali collection.

In 1993 the company re-invented and developed numerous new and exciting designs. Experimentation with the material glass, the conscientious craftsmanship and the timeless design of Vistosi make the traditional Italian brand to one of the most popular ones worldwide.

Since the turn of the millennium Vistosi pursues a sustainable corporate policy, corresponding to the highest ecological standards. Especially glass is one of the most recycled materials in the world. The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. The production facilities are energy efficient and thanks to local suppliers is the CO² emission minimized.

The Diadema wall sconce is inspired by the high-quality glass work. The handmade rods refract the light and are available in various colors. The Vistosi Follia pendant lamp inspires by delicate crystal threads which have been incorporated into the matte opal glass of the screen and give it an incomparable splendor. presents in the Light Journal the current collections of other Italian manufacturers such as Flos, Artemide and Foscarini, which are next to Vistosi lamps the internationally most famous designer companies.