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Light furniture – multi functional all-rounder

Bench, table or planter - there is almost nothing that cannot be enlightened. As multi-functional furniture, they are space-saving and efficient. But not only that. Illuminated furniture are a real eye-catcher. Made of opaque synthetic material, light furniture is currently trendy. Depending on the size, they of course need enough space to unfold accordingly. On the terrace, generously sized seating are no problem, on the balcony it should be limited to certain special items.

Light furniture in the pool area are very popular. As a shelf or as a place to relax after a dip in the pool, they are particularly suitable. They donate reliably pleasant, non-glare light, which is very important in the pool area, taking into account the security aspect. Thanks to LED lighting and the color spectrum, the designer light furniture hardly heat up. This is due to the absence of infrared light-emitting diodes, and heat content.

For garden parties, illuminated furniture invite for a cozy chat and are the topic of conversation at the same time - guaranteed! Your guests will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere that offers a perfectly adapted lighting concept with illuminated furniture for the garden. Their refined appearance is ideal for the night. Too strong light contrasts, caused by bright lighting makes it difficult to see enough.

Young producers, as Vondom, are specialized in furniture and lighting, with its series Adan, Alma or Stone they offer everything from fork to planter. Especially the Adan series is inspired by a very special form of language. Polygonal surfaces can be broken down into abstracted heads. The table which is light at the same time, is also an object of art, which attaches a special look to your garden. The Stone Flower container series, however, is characterized by a very organic design which does not contrast with the garden, like something artificial would, but rather integrates discreetly. Thanks to the wide range of different sizes, the Spanish manufacturer also serves the balcony and the patio area. By special RGB-LEDs the color of light, and thus the whole appearance of the furniture can be customized.

Also the Italian tradition manufacturer Modoluce provides, following the current trend, a large series of outdoor lighting and lighting for the garden furniture. The Futura series is based on the timeless plain font. The benches are complemented by ceiling lights, wall sconces and hanging lamps. The Atollo series, however, offers seating areas with perfectly matched tables and stools. With them, it is particularly easy to achieve a harmonious picture on the terrace.

LightingDeluxe offers the current trend light furniture in a wide range. High-quality materials and innovative lighting technology distinguish modern illuminated furniture. In the current Light Journal you will find lots of more information and suggestions on the subject of light furniture and LED.