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Floor Lighting

Due to their flexible application floor lamps are well suited for outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces. Floor lighting ideas equipped with a dimmer are highly recommendable because they offer a direct influence on the lighting ambiance. In addition, there are numerous floor lamps combining modern design with strong safety requirements for a safe and bright path lighting.

Could you imagine outdoor lighting without an individual stress on mood lighting? The extensive range of floor lamps at offers an attractive alternative for any lighting concept.

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Outdoor floor lamps and outdoor floor lights – versatile and resistant

LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of outdoor floor lamps of different styles and for different areas of responsibility.

As conventional outdoor floor lamps, they are usually adaptations of popular indoor floor lamps. So manufacturers like Marset or Foscarini also offer their classics in a weatherproof version with a higher degree of protection. These are suitable as a garden outdoor floor lamp or for the terrace.

Orientation lights and walkway lights are referred to delimit the ways and serve the marker. The German manufacturer CMD produces  different variants of Luminaire. Through high-quality stainless steel and precision manufacturing highest quality is guaranteed.

Illuminated accessories such as stools by Modoluce and planter by the companies Vondom or Linea Light are current trend pieces and enrich the garden or entrance area.

Also Artemide and Metalarte manufacture high quality outdoor floor lamps of various styles. Contemporary outdoor floor lamps are also very popular like classic lamps or outdoor lamps in country style, too. Innovations in lighting technology also have an effect on the exterior. LED lights of the conventional type, as well as special RGB-LEDs are manufactured by most manufacturers.

CMD manufactures high-quality bollards made of stainless steel and opal glass. Due to conscientious processing and local production is CMD or Creative Metal Design well known for quality "Made in Germany". By specializing in functional designs CDM lamps are  modern and of high quality. The special shape of the lamp allows a wide range of applications. As a decorative lamp on the patio or in the entrance area it is well-suited as an orientation and path light.

Through the current trend to adapt indoor floor lamps for outdoor use, you have the option to continue your resume  of an unfinished lighting concept outside in the interior. Durable materials provide weather resistance and durability.

This longevity is also distinguished by LED lamps, which are more often used in outdoor floor lamps. They are furthermore particularly energy efficient. LightingDeluxe attaches great importance to sustainability. Through low-emission production processes and excellent economic characteristics LEDs support the sustainable idea.

Even cordless floor lamps are part of the range of LightingDeluxe. They are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. Base lamps are used for reliable lighting, wherefore furniture and planters appear as a decorative accessory.

Especially in the summer months, with rising temperatures and longer days, a reliable lighting of terrace or garden is particularly important. Outdoor floor lamps provide the advantage of being portable.