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Outdoor lighting does not only provide safety and a better orientation for houses and gardens, but will also offer an inviting atmosphere. In this context, outdoor lighting fixtures for walls and ceilings, recessed lights and bollards are highly recommended for the illumination of houses. Apart from offering bright light those outdoor lighting ideas will also add more charm to your house and entrance areas.

Depending on design wishes and personal likes, outdoor lighting fixtures for houses range from classic wall sconces and ceiling lights to almost invisible recessed lights and highly decorative outdoor lights. Let light accompany your way by the illumination of individual objects on the property (e.g. trees and shrubs) even outside of indoor living spaces.

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House - Architectural lighting discreet or dominant

The exterior lighting of the house is often given too little attention.  Homecoming can  be an adventure if the light is too dim. A brightly illuminated entrance is welcoming - especially for guests. It also contributes to the safety. Stairs or other problematic sites should be illuminated generously. The lamps themselves should not dazzle and be as energy efficient as possible. LED lamps are particularly suited for exterior use. They can run all night thanks to their low consumption and great energy efficiency. If you do not wish to do this, a motion or heat detector could be your solution. Your lamps will switch on only when it is needed and informs you as well about any unwanted movement at your property.

At the canopy provides a direct, but glare at best downlight in the form of ceiling lamp or wall sconce. These donate a reliable light and are used for better orientation. We can recommend here the Catilina outdoor wall sconce or Illo outdoor ceiling light, both from the Italian manufacturer Artemide. Due to its opal shade they donate pleasant, glare-free light. High quality stainless steel guarantees quality.

Facade lighting should always be done discreet. Note that too generous light can have a rather negative impact on the structure of the architecture. You should specifically illuminate and accentuate special facade features. Especially effect lighting is very interesting. The German manufacturer CMD or Creative Metal Design offers the a wall light Aqua Play. Through a lens the light is bundled and emitted directed. The distinguishing feature of CMD is the quality brushed stainless steel, which is used for the production of lamps. This leads to a balanced overall picture, which extends over all collections. This makes the combination of CMD lights particularly easy.

The manufacturer is specifically dedicated to outdoor lighting. IP44 stands for the protection degree, which means, that it can be mounted outside. Through innovative concepts, the German manufacturer is a pioneer in the field of LED technology. Its patented Ivy Light technology is used for many lights, such as the Mox wall sconce and is internationally recognized as important lighting innovation.

Recessed lights are especially popular when illuminating the exterior of the house. Thanks to the electrical infrastructure in the house, they are relatively easy to install, visually disappear in the architecture and light particularly discreet.

All outdoor lighting for the field house have a correspondingly high degree of protection, resistant materials and careful manufacturing processes. LightingDeluxe offers a wide selection of classic table lamps, modern floor lamps or minimalist hanging lamps. In the current Light Journal you can find more information about the topic Outdoor lighting, LED and more.