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Apart from functional lighting, for the illumination of terraces, pavilions and balconies lighting ambiance is crucial. Patio lighting offers a wide range of lights, including bollards, recessed lighting fixtures, wall sconces and floor lamps flexible in use. Opting for designer lamps offering dimmable light the landscape lighting can be varied depending on the personal mood.

The term patio is not limited to a specific design of outdoor areas for recreation and a relaxing get-together. Rather, there are roof terraces, patios or other open spaces in the garden where a variety of functional and decorative outdoor lights is suitable. Patio lighting can for example easily be controlled with automated home technology. The presented lights meet the conditions for outdoor use.

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Patio – atmosphere and warm summer nights

It is summer and temperatures are rising. The days are getting longer and invite you to have a barbecue or to celebrate outside. The patio is a place in the garden, which in terms of lighting special attention should be paid to. Here, people are sitting together, having a barbecue and enjoying the evening. Light is especially important here. The options are almost unlimited. If the patio is covered, even ceiling lamps or hanging lamps are available for outdoor use. On the handrails or the dining table beautiful table lamps can create a great atmosphere. Floor lamps are flexible and donate pleasant light. There are endless possibilities when it comes to furnishing the terrace or garden with beautiful lighting.

Through effective zoning, you can give an entirely different character to your terrace at night than during the day. By accentuating certain areas you can draw the attention of visitors to anything. Also downlights or spots are available. They send directed light and disappear visually in the architecture. You should be careful not illuminate too bright. Because it may happen that structures will be lost and you will get the opposite effect.

Lightened seats, tables or planters have a unique character. The Italian manufacturer Modoluce uses quality opaque plastics which are illuminated from the inside out. Especially on the terrace, the combination of functional furniture and light source is useful. MOst manufacturers use modern LED technology. This is particularly durable and energy efficient. The illuminated seating Atollo or stool Campanone is especially popular. Also Vondom is specialized in furniture for outdoor and lighting furniture. The designs  of the Spanish manufacturer inspire with a look all its own. The designs are limited to polygonal surfaces, which  create  unusual shapes, composed. With planters of Vondom or ManaMana you can green your patio or your balcony in stylish way.

Many manufacturers rely popular series for the interior also as garden lighting or for the terrace. For example, Luceplan. The manufacturer of the iconic Costanzina sets this floor lamp into weather resistant materials for outdoor use. So it is easy to carry on a consistent interior lighting begun the concept up to the terrace or balcony.

The Drylight series by  Masiero, however, was specifically designed for outdoor. Inspired by the humid climate in Venice, the Italian manufacturer developed special materials and made it so, the first classic chandeliers to design the garden. From floor lamp to suspension light, this series covers all requirements from and inspired by its  magnificent crystal work.

LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of luminaires for outdoor use. From small table lamps, which fit perfectly on the balcony, light furniture, to large arc lights, which are used on a wide terrace as an eye-catcher. For current information, see also our Light Journal. You will find valuable advice about LED lighting and furniture.