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Pendant Lighting

Feel the fascination of an inviting garden lighting with elegant pendant lights, so that gardens, pavilions and patios are providing a welcoming atmosphere for family, friends and other guests. For winter gardens, pendant lights are the ideal candidate, too. As they evenly distribute the light from one point to the outside, a unique lighting ambiance contributes to the respective outdoor area. In addition to the good illumination level the award-winning designs create an illumination full of atmosphere.

Many lighting manufacturers and designers were inspired by nature when they produced some of the unique pendant lights presented. Whether thinking of pendant lights in a maritime look or searching for timeless elegant hanging lamps offering warm white light: These outdoor lights are turning heads.

Outdoor Pendant Lamps and Outdoor Lamps Pendant - Elegant and Weather Resistant

For outdoor pendant lights, the functionality is not the most important aspect, as it is with outdoor ceiling lights. They serve as eye-catcher on the terrace or in the garden. Resistant, high-quality materials and careful processing are particularly important.

For instance, the Italian manufacturer Masiero used materials from the automotive industry for its Drylight series. Thus, the outside chandelier can be equipped with rich crystal jewelry and remain weather resistant at the same time.

Manufacturers such as Foscarini and Marset alter their most popular indoor pendant lamps to make them suitable for outdoor use. They meet the specific requirements by using new materials or adjusting lighting technology.

For the terrace, to illuminate the table, there are dining table lights for outside available: LightingDeluxe offers them in many shapes and sizes. Their height is adjustable and can be fitted to individual needs.

Outside, LED technology is also becoming more and more important, because the high requirements for energy efficiency and service life have to be met.

Some outdoor pendant lamps seem to be unusual at the first sight. Manufacturers often adapt the design of the interior lights, they allow the customer to design a holistic lighting concept that effects especially harmonious indoors as outdoors. This is an opportunity you should not miss and so are the lights which are available for inside and outside, very popular.

But even more technical-looking lamps that are especially intended for professional use, can be found in the range of LightingDeluxe. The functionality is in the foreground for them. Many minimalist designs characterize these variations of outdoor lighting. With high flexibility and high-quality materials they donate reliable light, which is essential particularly in the entrance area. But even on the terrace dining table they donate pleasant, direct light.

Many manufacturers offer original designs, which can also be an eye-catcher even when switched off. Whether this is achieved by particularly high-quality materials and an unusual design: attention is guaranteed with outdoor suspension lamps. Especially in summer, atmospheric light in the outdoor area is particularly important. The days are getting longer and you spend more time in the garden or on the terrace. This is with feel-good light naturally particularly easy.

LightingDeluxe supports you with matching lamps proposals and perfectly matching properties. Our particular interest is the issue of sustainability. That is why we attach great importance to LED lamps, which are long-lasting and energy-efficient, also produced with particularly low emissions. This innovative technology also allows a large range of light colors which is even increased by special RGB-LEDs.