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Pool lighting

Pool lighting does not only consist of daylight entering and surrounding the water. In the evenings outdoor lights mounted outside or even inside the pool provide unique lighting effects, whereas the water seems to sink into a beautiful sea of lights. Outdoor lighting ideas for pools are virtually unlimited, because pool lights are equipped with the latest LED technology and meet the highest safety standards.

Pool floor and table lamps might also be of interest for the illumination of areas around the pool. Thanks to those flexible lights, pool owners love to stay next to their pool when it is getting dark and enjoy watching the game of water and light.

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Swimming Pool - above and below water

In the swimming pool, lighting materials and quality of workmanship are of particular importance. High degrees of protection are a basic requirement for a secure pool lighting. In the area around the pool IP X7 is sufficient, which means that the lamps are protected against submersion. Whether the light is located inside or outside: protection against water is essential for pool lights.

Pool Lighting does not only have a functional aspect. Especially in the garden, it can be a real eye-catcher to have an lovely illuminated pool area. LightingDeluxe offers a variety of high-quality lighting options for the area around the pool.

Subtle design ground luminaires send reliable light and disappear visually. The Samba floor lamp by Swarovski donates light with effects. The traditional manufacturer who is mainly known for high quality crystal work, is specialized in excellent cuts. Also, Fabbian succeed with his Cricket collection: it creates subtle lighting, where the light seems to blend in with the architecture.

But not only subdued lighting can be used by the pool. Design floor and table lamps on the side provide light and act mainly in spacious garden areas as eye-catcher. The Drylight series by Masiero thrilles by quality crystal work, as you are looking outside of its peers. Thanks to high quality materials, such as those used in the automotive industry and a high-quality workmanship, high degrees of protection, weather resistance and durability are guaranteed. As pendant lamp above the indoor pool, these lights can also be used.

The Sphere Lamp Oh from ManaMana is equipped with a rechargeable battery which allows it to be charged in the safe indoor rooms. Without charging station, it is IP68, which allows permanent immersion and so it is predestined as a pool or pond lamp light, even underwater. Through energy-saving LED lighting, a long battery life is guaranteed.

But even with a fixed pool lighting LED lights are useful. They are suitable thanks to high energy efficiency for continuous operation and long service life free of maintenance. In addition, an arbitrary color of light is ensured by special RGB-LEDs, which can greatly affect the mood in the pool area or garden.

After a dip in the pool, the seating furniture invites to relax. Multifunctional light furniture cover several areas of responsibility at the same time. The Italian manufacturer Modoluce offers lighted stools, benches or tables that can serve as a practical storage space in the garden or pool area. Also Vondom manufactures lighting furniture for outdoors. These are distinguished by its unique polygonal shapes. Also planters are available by this manufacturer. The pool area can be greened in a decorative way.

LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of trendy lighting for the garden and pool area. Especially on light furniture and LED lighting can be found in the current Light Journal a wealth of information and suggestions.