21.11 Square Pendant Light

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The design of the 21.11 Square pendant lamp was created by Omar Arbel; Canadian producer Bocci... more
Product information "21.11 Square Pendant Light"
The design of the 21.11 Square pendant lamp was created by Omar Arbel; Canadian producer Bocci does the manufacturing. The charming design luminaire has 11 xenon lamps, which are arranged at different heights, and add its own dynamics to the room. The pendants are made of porcelain wrapped around a shade of borosilicate glass and emit an especially atmospheric light. It shines down and is partly distributed through the thin porcelain skin. The square canopy is covered with a white powder coating. The 21er series is so special due to the individuality of each pendulum and the magic that it brings to every room. The pendant lamp is a real eye-catcher and is ideal as additional lighting in living rooms and hallways, or as decorative lighting for lobbies and foyers.
Designer: Omer Arbel
Country of Origin: Canada
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Color structure: white powder-coated
Specialty: Products are NOT available for customers in UK, US and Canada!
Material: porcellain
Security: IP20
Adjustable: No
Energy saving: 0
Type Pendant light: Medium
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Weight: 25 kg
Light Emission: uniform
Dimmable: No
Canopy Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 50,8cm x 50,8 cm x 5,3cm
Canopy Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 20" x 20" x 2.09"
Max. Total height: 300 cm
Max. Total Height in inch: 118.11"
Illuminant: Bocci G4 11x20W long life Xenon
GLN: 4052467500988
Condition: new
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