Aérostat F27 Wall/ Ceiling Light

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The young designer Guillaume Delvigne is the talented creator of this collection of decorative... more
Product information "Aérostat F27 Wall/ Ceiling Light"
The young designer Guillaume Delvigne is the talented creator of this collection of decorative lamps made of shiny white blown glass. For Delevingne the inspiration came from the principal of the Aerostat, to make an object that is lighter than air. With this in mind, he conceived a lamp as luminous object. so light that it can lift itself off the ground. The elegance and simplicity of these lamps makes them suitable for any setting. Thanks to the modern LED Technologie, which the Italien manufacturer use, the Aérostat is not only very energy efficient but also extrem durable.
Designer: Guillaume Delvigne
Design: 2014
Country of Origin: Italy
Material Shade: glass
Material: glass
Adjustable: No
Protection class: IP20
Shade shape: round
Condition: new
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Type Ceiling light: Ambient light
Description (uses Short description by default): 0
Type Wall sconce: Ambient light
Base: LED
Light Emission: uniform
Lumen: 800lm/ 1850lm /
Light Color: 3000K
Color rendering: CRI >80
Dimmable: No
Wattage: 8,7W
Energy saving: 1
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): Ø22,8cm x 20,3cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): Ø8.98'' x 7.99''
Illuminant: LED 1x8,7W
Dimensions S (WxHxD): Ø22,8cm x 20,3cm
Dimensions S in inch (WxHxD): Ø8.98'' x 7.99''
Illuminant small: LED 8,7W
Dimensions M (WxHxD): Ø33cm x 26,5cm
Dimensions M in inch (WxHxD): Ø12.99'' x 10.43''
Illuminant medium: LED 1x17W
Dimensions L (WxHxD): Ø43cm x 26,5cm
Dimensions L in inch (WxHxD): Ø16.93'' x 10,43''
Illuminant large: LED 17W
GLN: 4052467526025
Product ID: 64974, 64975, 64976, 64977
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