Beluga Steel G15 Ceiling-/Wall lamp

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  • D57G1515
The head of the ceiling-/wall lamp Beluga Steel G15, designed by Marc Sandler, can be swiveled... more
Product information "Beluga Steel G15 Ceiling-/Wall lamp"
The head of the ceiling-/wall lamp Beluga Steel G15, designed by Marc Sandler, can be swiveled around 360°. Therewith it is possible to set beautiful light accents in a room and enables you to emphasize certain objects. The shiny metal is made of high quality by the manufacturer Fabbian.
Designer: Marc Sadler
Country of Origin: Italy
Colour light shade: chrome
Color structure: chrome shiny
Material Shade: metal
Material: metal
Specialty: This Fixture is available ONLY for a voltage of 220–240V, we do NOT ship Fabbian products to USA and Canada.
Adjustable: Yes
Security: IP20
Special Options: electronic ballast
Condition: new
Series: Wall sconce, Floor lamp, Table lamp, Pendant, Recessed Light, Ceiling light
Lighting fixture type: Direct lighting, Spotlight
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Type Ceiling light: Spotlight, Direct lighting
Type Wall sconce: Direct lighting, Spotlight
Base: GX10
Weight: 0,79
Light Emission: direct
Dimmable: No
Wattage: 35W
Energy saving: 1
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 9 cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): Ø 3,54"
Illuminant: GX10 1x35W
GLN: 4052467138150
Product ID: 26098
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