Louis Poulsen

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VL38 tablelight black Louis Poulsen VL 38 tablelight
€485.00 *
Panthella Mini table light Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini table light
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PH5 Pendelleuchte in Hues of rose Louis Poulsen PH 5/50 Pendant Light
From €770.00 *
Collage 450 pendant white Louis Poulsen Collage 450 Pendant Light
€830.00 *
Enigma 425 Pendelleuchte Louis Poulsen Enigma 425 Pendant light
€630.00 *
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Enigma 425 Pendant light Louis Poulsen Enigma 425 Pendant light
€620.00 * €496.00 *
Enigma 545 Pendant Light Louis Poulsen Enigma 545 Pendant Light
€1,020.00 *
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AJ floor lamp in white Louis Poulsen AJ floor lamp
€910.00 * €773.00 *

Louis Poulsen - Skandinavian design

The Scandinavian manufacturer Louis Poulsen provided with Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen two of the greatest designers of the 20th century. With the popular PH lamps, Poul Henningsen linked aesthetics with innovative lighting effect. A special three-screen system allows a glare-free direct illumination, which is the defining characteristic of his lamps to this day.
Arne Jacobsen, who designed with the AJ series the floor par excellence, is known for its designs, which are dominated by Nordic restraint. Of course this also applies to the A Table and Pendant Light.

The Danish manufacturer is also known for continuous innovation. Be it revisions of the design icons of the past century or completely new development in cooperation with young designers such as the Toldbod pendant light.

Until today, the company's philosophy of simple, functional product design is embossed, which puts the well-being of people and the perception of artificial lighting in the center. Louis Poulsen pursues a consistent uncompromising dogma, which is based on minimalism. There is no ornament, no jewelry, no element, the purpose of which is not related with the illumination.

The result is so typical of Louis Poulsen simple products whose unobtrusive design makes them appear suitable for any architecture. Regardless of the age of the building, the cultural influences or the sense of style by the architect. Therein is the magic of timeless in the best sense of the Danish luminaire manufacturer. The designs of Louis Poulsen suffer nothing of its topicality. The unique quality of exerts a lasting impact force.

The impact on Denmark and especially on the capital Copenhagen you will experience during a visit at the latest. There is hardly a window that reveals no PH lamp or even a Artichoke designed by Poul Henningsen, if you have a look inside. Even the alternative stronghold Christiania convinces with sense of style and elegance.

Louis Poulsen has worked since its inception closely with architects. So a variety of international projects could be realized. This close collaboration has always been an important success factor for the market position of the Danish company. Thanks to the combination of the expertise of architects and the special corporate philosophy innovative lighting solutions can be found to convince internationally. The collaboration with architects have often brought new lamps that endure to this day. Just think about that, the lighting collection for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen designed by Arne Jacobsen, which was made available later for the private clientele as well.

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