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Random Light LED Floor lamp, black small Moooi Random Light LED Floor lamp
From €1,194.00 *
Raimond Pendant light XS, M, L Moooi Raimond Pendant light
From €1,631.00 *
Non Random Non Random Pendant light, small and medium Moooi Non Random Pendant light
From €558.00 *
Raimond Zafu 75 Pendant light Moooi Raimond Zafu 75 Pendant light
From €3,377.00 *
Random Light Pendant light Moooi Random Light Pendant light
From €525.00 *
Random Light LED Pendant light Moooi Random Light LED Pendant light
From €697.00 *

Moooi - Excentric design

The young Dutch company Moooi pursues a very special philosophy: Only friendly, positive environment provides the conditions for real creativity. The young designer teams within the company have complete freedom and are enabled to fully develop. This explains the incredible output of innovative forms and technologies. Moooi’s success reinforces this credo. In 2014, the jump across the pond was made and the first showroom in New York City opened.

Now the city of Pop Art and MoMA can check out the partly eccentric designs of the Dutchman. One of these is the Light Shade pendant lamp: until you turn on the light, it hides its true beauty behind a half-silvered lamp shade.

The popular Raimond series is also a particular special eye-catcher. It makes full use of the economic characteristics such as energy efficiency and durability of LED lamps and at the same time embraces the creative possibilities that the new technology enable. Passionate about mathematics and technology, Designer Raimond Puts uses geometric elements to develop a modern pendant light of timeless elegance.

It can only be described as coincidental perfection when one notices the effect of the Moooi Random series on the observer. However, each of the fine fibers, which add to the appearance of the Random light, is at exactly the position required for this perfect shape.

Despite the fact that Moooi is such a young brand, there is something in store for each clientele: lovers of a modern interior, or of a classically furnished home, and also friends of fancy creations. LightingDeluxe offers a wide range of lights made by this manufacturer.

Since its founding in 2001, the two founders Marcel Wanders and Caspar Vissers have the company evolved and increases sensible. Careful talent and trend scouting ensures that Moooi is always on the pulse, and most of his time ahead. Through unusual materials and modern production not only the design is up to date, but also the technology. Since 2013, the artistic direction is in the hands of Marcel Wanders and Desirée de Jong.

In addition to lighting Moooi also manufactures furniture. These have an ironic note in most cases and complement the failed lamps perfectly. By eccentric patterns or an unusual choice of materials they develop an inimitable effect. They dominate the living room and can be specifically used as a focal point, which is standing in contrast to the rest of the furniture. provides with the Light Journal information about the topic LED and sustainability, as well as current lighting trends and the latest collections of well-known international manufacturers.