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Refrax RE3214 Kristallleuchte mit Swarovski Kristallen Schonbek Refrax RE3214 Chandelier
From €4,825.00 *
Quantum 2274 Pendant light Schonbek Quantum 2274 pendant light
€22,314.00 *
Quantum 2252 pendant light, Golden Shadow Schonbek Quantum 2252 pendant light
From €3,730.00 *
Cassini CA2525 pendant light Schonbek Cassini CA2525 Pendant Light
€16,439.00 *

Schonbek - High-quality crystal in a modern design

Schonbek lighting distinguishes by its quality Bohemian crystal works, which adorn classical or modern chandeliers. Schonbeks history goes back to the year 1870.  At this time Adolph Schonbek produced a chandelier made of crystal. In the postwar period the company was transferred from Europe to the United States. The Schonbek family led the company until 2007, when it was acquired by Swarovski. The world-renowned crystal manufacturer from Austria became the ideal partner for Schonbek and established a number of new contemporary and modern lighting.

Since the takeover Schonbek lights are equipped with high-quality Swarovski crystals. These are available in various cuts and colors, which makes the wide range more extensively.

Especially popular is the series Refrax pendant lights. It is a member of the Geometrix collection. It is distinguished by its strict geometrical shape, which offers clean lines and a minimalist design, which contrasts with the brilliant crystal assembly. For this apparent contrast the Refrax series draws its tension. The numerous variations in crystal cut and color is customizable. Also different screen shapes and sizes are available. REFRAX pendant lamps are perfect for the dining room. Above the table they unfold their spectacular lighting effects, which create a distinctive atmosphere.

However, not only lovers of contemporary design will get one’s money’s worth. Schonbek offers a variety of classic chandeliers. The Elements chandelier inspires by its quality cut crystals and its traditional form language. Thanks to numerous cuts and crystal colors you can put together a matching chandelier for each home.

Also the Elements wall lamps are a real eye-catcher. Through high-quality chromed metal and the usual brilliant Swarovski crystals is created a timeless look that has its place in every home.

Almost oriental affects the Twist suspension lamp. A dense network of crystals is formed into an ellipse. As a special detail the  large, high-purity crystal at the bottom attracts attention. This acts as an exciting contrast to the election meadow colored crystals of the screen.

The Vertex pendant lamp has an ultra modern character by its clear and yet unusual form. Especially cool and classy it looks in the version with clear Swarovski crystals. But colors are of course also to be selected in the Vertex series. With this lamp Schonbek proves its incredible versatility and variety of shapes. The only constant remain flawless crystals and of course the special quality of workmanship and materials. The designs of the individual luminaires are as diverse as the clientele of the traditional manufacturer.

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