Budino pendant light

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Simple, cute and absolutely modern - the Budino pendant light is again a feast for the eyes from... more
Product information "Budino pendant light"
Simple, cute and absolutely modern - the Budino pendant light is again a feast for the eyes from the home of the Italian manufacturer Modoluce. The Desinger Hans Thyge Raunkjaer offers the option to choose itselfs the colorful touch and gives you the choice between the small screen made ​​of ABS material in green / orange and red, or polycarbonate with black / white or aluminum finish. Thanks to the use of non-glare acrylic glass this small colorful lights Wonder fills the room with fantastic light WITHOUT you to dazzle. Thanks to its fresh design, the Budino fits to the modern living environment as well as into a colorful nursery.
Designer: Hans Thyge Raunkjaer
Country of Origin: Italy
Delivery scope: excl. bulb
Material: Polycarbonate
Security: IP20
Adjustable: No
Type Pendant light: Small (< 30cm/12")
Lighting fixture type: Ambient light
Light Emission: uniform
Dimmable: No
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 15cm X Ø10cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 3.93" X Ø5.91"
Illuminant: Generate Meta Tags
GLN: 4052467260790
Condition: new
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