CPL W1 Wall light

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Hand-blown glass is the main component of this wall lamp mini W1/3/5 CPL. This glass is of the... more
Product information "CPL W1 Wall light"
Hand-blown glass is the main component of this wall lamp mini W1/3/5 CPL. This glass is of the lampshade is available in two colors and is coordinated with the colors very harmonious structure. The design was created by Christian Ploderer and the producers Prandina makes this light the perfect wall decor of any room. The different sizes, expand the area. On demand and charge to a wall mirror is available.
Designer: Christian Ploderer
Country of Origin: Italy
Colour light shade: black
Custom Stock Status: ready to ship within 1-2 weeks
Energy saving: 1
Type Wall sconce: Ambient light
Light Emission: uniform
Security: IP20
Dimensions in cm (WxHxD): 24 cm x 21 cm x 27 cm
Dimensions in inch (WxHxD): 9,5" x 8,3" x 10,6"
Illuminant: 1x100W Medium base incandescent
Material: metal, glass
Condition: new
GLN: 4052467299608
Delivery time: Delivery time 1-2 weeks
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