Giulietta Tavolo Table Light

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The shade of the Giulietta is disc shaped and seems to hover above the surface - as if it was... more
Product information "Giulietta Tavolo Table Light"

The shade of the Giulietta is disc shaped and seems to hover above the surface - as if it was captured in motion. It rests upon a fragile-looking fixture, thus emphasizing the light’s simple design. Due to the 50cm flexible arm, the lamp is very versatile and can be dimmed via a touchless dimmer in 3 intensities.

Designer: Enzo Catellani
Country of Origin: Italy
Special Options: USB Power Adapter
Color structure: black
Protection class: IP20
Dimmer kind: Touch-less Dimmer
Light Color: 2700K
Color rendering: CRI >90
Lumen: 283lm
Illuminant: LED 1x2,8W
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